Ahhhh, The End of the Rainbow. Wait … A Zombie?

Ahhhh, The End of the Rainbow. Wait … A Zombie?

zombie_rainbow copyZombies are not known for being racist or sexist or homophobic.

Honestly, zombies are not known for much of anything except moaning, stumbling around like a drunkard, and gobbling down live human flesh.

In the world of zombies, it’s safe to say they’re oblivious to diversity.

Zombies, or Zs, don’t group themselves into racial clusters, or into the most popular cliques, or into some geek squad. We don’t see a group of zombies demanding equality, or ever witness a particular group complaining they’re being treated unfairly.

equal-loveThere are not a segment of Zs grumbling that the Supreme Court recently ruled against affirmative action. Nor are there lines of zombie protestors screaming for same-sex marriage equality. You will never see a zombie file a sexual harassment suit.

Frankly, Zombies don’t give a shit about diversity or any prejudicial attitudes attached to it.

But, we the audience, do care.

Diversity in zombie films is not about the experiences of the Zsters, we all know the Z-people roll their eyes at such nuances, no pun intended. It’s all about the fans and whether they feel their individual diversity is reflected in the film they’re watching.

If San Francisco fell tomorrow to a zombie apocalypse, it would not be shocking to see a mob of zombies ambling about on Market Street. No, the jolt would be if the shuffling zombies were all white.

Someone, at some point, would surly blurt out, “Why are all those mo’fos white!

San Francisco  copy

San Francisco Racial %

After all, San Francisco’s racial diversity break down is 49% white,  33% Asian, 15% Hispanic, 6% black, and 5% multiracial.

Yup, seriously man, you’d expect to see some ethnic diversity dude.

You’d even expect to see at least one zombie carrying a rainbow flag – I’m just saying.

In a blog titled, Where are all the zombies of colour?, the author points out that the zombies in the Walking Dead TV series are all white.

This would mae sense if the show took place in Fargo, North Dakota where the population is 93% white. However, Walking Dead takes place in Atlanta, Georgia where it’s 52% black.


Look, I realize in real-time, as you the survivor of a post-apocalyptic world are not exactly cognizant of everything around you. If you happen on a group of zombie in Chinatown, you don’t take a moment to ponder the racial makeup of the group.

You’re getting the f-u-c-k out. Understood.

But if you could take a step back, and if you could be objective for one second, you’d expect at least one Asian zombie. It is after all Chinatown. Right?

With the spirit of diversity then, I have come up with the top ten diverse zombie characters in movies. Before we start though, I am sure there are people out there who believe diversity only pertains to ethnicity.


Diversity is all about ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and the list actually goes on. We’re focusing on those though.


WWZ_woman_copyNumber 10

Black Zombie
World War Z
2013Director: Marc Forster

A rad black, bad, mad, and dude. Who’s dead.

World War Z gave us the black man zombie who has a bit of an androgynous look.


And I imagine if you were standing on the opposite side of the window as he slammed his head into the glass plate you would find your pants wet.



Michael Jackson Zombie
Thriller, 1982
Album: Thriller

Yes. Thriller.

Michael Jackson’s musical introduced us to zombies with moves. Jackson gave us some badass moon walking that melded nicely in a musical number with the shambling horde of Dead-Walkers.

Ahhh, the days when Michael Jackson scared us with just makeup.

Ohhh, we love you Michael. Come back to us would you and do one more number.


infectados_carriersNumber 8

Features Mexican zombies
Los Infectados
Director: Alejandro G. Alegre

Mexico City has 8.5 million ciudadanos, that’s Spanish for citizens. That makes for a lot of zombies.

In this international film, Marcos escapes Mexico City to the hill country where he thankfully finds a family that takes him in.

Ahhh. Breathe in that air. The breeze is fresh and free of all rot and the countryside is nothing but beautiful open space.

Wait, is that drunkards coming down the road?

Oh hell. It’s those zombies.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine that a Mexican Undead mass would have a hard time finding food in the city. But in this film they manage to wander out from the city looking for some meat.

Or maybe they just wanted some fresh air too?

REC copyNumber 7

Features Spanish Zombies
Director: Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza

It’d be my luck to visit Barcelona, Spain on the eve of a zombie apocalypse.

In this film, we follow a camera crew as they record the events in documentary form, hence, the title Rec.

Things go from bad to worse to just plain shit when a crew follows the police to a disused apartment home where an old lady had died. The old lady turns out to be one of our fun Undead who bites a police officer.

From there things get out of hand.

This film was so widely popular in Spain that the U.S. remade it, and called it Quarantine (2008).

Big Daddy.COPYNumber 6

Big Daddy, Badass Black Dude
Land of the Dead
Director: George A. Romero

Big Daddy is not just a bad-dude black zombie , but a rebel rouser with empathy.

In this film, Big Daddy attempts to protect his zombie herd.


By the end of the film Big Daddy leads his Z-crew across the river to the human fortress nuisance. He plans to put a stop to their endless harassment towards his loving Zombie friends.

Can’t we all just rot in peace! Please!

Gay ZombieNumber 5

Miles the Zombie, ahhh, Gay zombies alas
Gay Zombie
Director: Michael Simon

Queer.com wrote, “Does Walking Dead Need Gay Love?” Well, I don’t have an answer for that, but in the mean time, we can watch Gay Zombie.

The plot on this one is rather simple.

Miles falls for one boy and then eats another.

I have a question, the boy you ate, was he dinner or dessert?


juan1Number 4

Undead Cubans
Juan of the Dead
Director: Alejandro Brugues

Juan of the Dead is a comedy to be certain. Juan and his small gang discover their country has been taken over by Undead.

Rather than run around in circles in panic, they go into business, and their slogan is, “Juan of the Dead: we kill your loved ones. How can we help you today?”

Extermination has its risks though, and soon, Juan’s gang is whittled down.

otto copyNumber 3

Otto, another Gay zombie
Otto; or, Up with Dead People
Director: Bruce LaBruce

Otto is not your ordinary zombie movie.

Otto has a bit more of an intellect than your garden-variety zombies you might see every day.

Otto hitches a ride to Berlin.

On the streets, he is found by a filmmaker Medea, who is finishing up on a zombie porn. She decides Otto would make a good documentary.

Medea convinces the star of her porn show, Rudolph, to let Otto stay in his room. Otto, a curious little zombie, looks through Rudolph’s wallet and discovers a picture of his ex-lover.

He decides to meet this ex-gay lover so he can reconnect. Or maybe dine?

Regardless, Otto will have to come out of the closet once again. But this time as a zombie.

Will the coming out process ever end?

J_Pop Girl(Resident Evil)_copyNumber 2

J-Pop Girl
Resident Evil: Retribution
Director: Paul W. S. Anderson

J-Pop is patient zero in Tokyo. Don’t let her innocent, dazed look fool you though. This girl’s jaw opens big enough it’ll make you wet and shit yourself.

Gives a new name to french kissing folks.


deadgirl-Jenny-SpainNumber 1

Director: Marcel Sarmiento, Gadi Harel


You don’t see many featured zombie women, but ahhh, Deadgirl is one for the ages.

Rickie and J.T. are two high school youths find a woman chained in a basement of an abandoned warehouse.

J.T. is not exactly a kid with a good moral compass and he wants to rape the girl. Rickie refuses to do any raping and makes J.T. leave.

We can see where this is heading.

Right, so J.T. returns with a friend. He comes in as Rickie manages to uncuff the Deadgirl’s wrist.

The rest, I’m sure, you can guess.

Honorable Mentions…

Zombie 108
Resident Evil Dogs
Black Sheep

Bryce B. Summers is a psychologist who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Houston. He’s presently employed at  the Dallas Veteran Affairs Medical Center. Bryce founded the model called Queer Sense. Please click here to learn more about Queer Sense.

Bryce is the author of the Young Adult Dark Fantasy (Sci-Fi) series AMEN to ROT, a story that pits young people against a sinister force, but also takes a look at learning what your capable of accomplishing when facing impossible challenges. The novel Nyte God will conclude this series and will be available in 2015.

Be on the look out for a ROTVILLE, a Sci-Fi Thriller (Horror) that will be published by DAMNATION BOOKS and be available in 2015. A story about an experiment gone awry, they wanted to create the perfect soldier, but instead, a hero was born…

Also be on the look for FRESH MEAT, a Paranormal (Horror with Multicultural & Gay Themes) and is about a sociopathic’s inner journey from evil to salvation.

Bryce is also a blog writer for the Human Rights Campaign.

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