Amen to Rot: 1-4 (No Illustrations)

Amen to Rot: Books One Through Four (No Illustrations Included)


Published February 22, 2015

Genre: Young Adult Dark Fantasy/ Post-Apocalytpic

Age Group:  Young teens – Adult

Some violence  |  Market:  Comic Book Enthusiasts, LGBT & Heterosexual audience


A2R Hold Skull.1to4


It’s a zombie apocalypse and Amen the creature awakens with amnesia. Amen has flashbacks from when he was human which gives him clues on his mission. He saves a thirteen year-old boy named Ace who is appreciably delighted to find a creature who eats zombies. They soon discover this is not any ordinary zombie apocalypse, but there’s a sinister alien force at work. These aliens are set on killing Amen but he remains one step ahead. He is also discovering Ace is not just a survivor, but may be a key to fighting the aliens who brought on this zombie apocalypse.



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