Zombie Apocalypse Books | Zombie Apocalypse NovelsAMEN to ROT I: Awaken

Published March 11, 2014

Genre: Young Adult Dark Fantasy/ Post-Apocalytpic

Age Group:  Young teens – Adult

Some violence  |  Market:  Comic Book Enthusiasts, LGBT & Heterosexual audience

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This is Book One of a six part series of Zombie Apocalypse Books, and this shortest story of all to come.

Waking up one morning to find yourself buried is bad enough. But to have amnesia, believe you may be hungry for human flesh, and find out that you’re a grotesque ugly creature, can be somewhat overwhelming.

Journey with Amen as he discovers his world is inhabited by Undead, and is confused to learn it also has strange alien creatures, who appear to be helping the Undead.

In this climatic end, we feel Amen’s confusion, as he must decide whether he truly desires human flesh, or not.


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