Zombie Apocalypse Book | Books About Zombie ApocalypseAMEN TO ROT III: Hatched

Published April 14, 2014

Genre: Young Adult Dark Fantasy/ Post-Apocalytpic

Age Group:  Young teens – Adult

Some violence  |  Market:  Comic Book Enthusiasts, LGBT & Heterosexual audience

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Ace is captured by the hideous aliens known as Herders and taken to a warehouse, where rotting Undead humans are packed away for sinister purposes. Ace is horrified to find the place is filled with youths doomed to be used as feed.

This is book three of the AMEN to ROT series of books about Zombie Apocalypse, and readers do not need to have read previous books in this series to enjoy this thrilling Zombie Apocalypse Book.

Journey with Ace as he discovers the Herders are not the only Aliens decimating the human population. There is another baleful alien species at work, called Nytes, who are working with the Herders.

Held captive by these Alien forces, Ace discovers he’s not completely helpless. In fact, he can do something humanly unimaginable.

Ace’s new powers fatigue him though, and death is imminent unless his new monstrous friend, Amen, saves him in time.

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