Cover 2(Correct Version).4.7.14AMEN TO ROT II: ALIEN VIRUS

Published April 6, 2014

Genre: Young Adult Dark Fantasy/ Post-Apocalytpic

Age Group:  Young teens – Adult

Some violence  |  Market:  Comic Book Enthusiasts, LGBT & Heterosexual audience

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Eating rot makes most of us sick, or can even outright kill you, but the monstrous creature known as Amen packs rot down like it’s a delicacy. Good thing for survivors of Earth, though, because the Undead are Earth’s new residents.In this second book to the AMEN to ROT series, Alien Virus, Amen gets clearer answers to certain questions.

New memory fragments surface, and Amen slowly discovers he has unique paranormal abilities, and a particular ability is peculiarly tied to his father.

Heartbreaking of all, is the unsmooth friendship between the thirteen-year-old boy, Ace, and Amen as Ace is guilt-ridden, shouldering all the responsibility for the deaths of his father, uncle, and his brother, Noah.

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