The Pioneer

The Pioneer Bryce Bentley Summers I looked at my watch and leaned back in the driver’s seat, regarding the people coming out of the main airport terminal. She’d be coming out any second. My mind drifted to tonight’s event my fraternity was hosting. The 1999 Dark House of Sexy Beasts was to be the most sensational Halloween party that Xi Pi Phi Fraternity had kicked off in years — an eyes-only event for sororities. After all, this was not your traditional macabre haunted house, but a dedication to the perfect blend of darkness and eroticism. Everyone at the University of Missouri campus was buzzing about this upcoming sensation. My fraternity brothers placed a few of us in charge of the preparations and I was designated as coordinator of operations, decorations … name it and I was the chair. The brothers had decided on the bulk of scenes to […]


Full Moon Bryce Bentley Summers Chapter 1 – Tanner Long before Macklemore cranked out Same Love, I fell in love with a boy who I kissed under a full moon. It all began in 1993. Horny gay guys did not scroll through Grinder on their iPhones hoping to bust a nut. Cell phones were the exception, and the “answering machine” ruled the day. I was seventeen, a high school senior, and raised in the suburbs of Wichita by a pair of conservative parents, minus all of the religious zealotry. I was a good-natured kid who was either fussed over or teased. My mother would brush my brown bangs out of my eyes and ask, “Tanner, sweetheart, how is it you play tennis with this is in your eyes? Get a haircut, hon.” My father joked (I always hoped, anyway): “You know, Tanner, your mom must have cheated. We […]

The Bokor

Bokor: Master of Voodoo The first images that come to mind when we hear the words voodoo are blood sacrifice and dark magic that is invoked within voodoo rituals. Probably one thing that does not come are zombies. Yet, zombies are very much part of the voodoo heritage. The word that is likely farthest from anyone’s mind, when the word voodoo comes up, is Bokors. The Bokors though have quite a significance in the Voodoo religion. The question is who these people were, and role they played in the voodoo religion. However, to speak only of the Bokor, and not include the entire previous development of the voodoo religion, it is not possible, so therefore we will try to follow the development of Bokor through the course of history of voodoo. How and where did Voodoo religion originate from? Voodoo religion is predominantly in Haiti and came about […]

Ingredients, Steps, and Measurements in Making Zombies

Ingredients, Steps, and Measurements in Making Zombies Today, when we think of zombies, the first thing that comes to mind are the hordes of the walking dead moving through the streets with the intent to devour everything in sight. It is a picture that we are now commonly presented with and with which we identify this word. But have you ever wondered where did this term come from? Is there something that inspired this idea somewhere in a mythology or a belief? The answer is that there is, and it is located in Haiti. In Haitian voodoo belief there are people, mages, called Bokor, who have mystical powers to transform a man into a zombie after death. But how is it possible? In Haiti, there is a belief that if a man dies a natural death if he had lived a good life, he becomes one of the […]

Voodoo World: Red Magic, Folklore, & Zombies

Voodoo World: Red Magic, Folklore & Legends, & of course, Zombies Walking into the house of voodoo, you are going to meander down aisles of shelves containing a diverse range of items. The world of voodoo is at your fingertips. Its power will leave you breathless. Take a moment, breathe, inhale, hold it, now exhale. Look around you. Do you see the folklore, legends, and over there, a few undead. Voodoo Versus Black Magic Voodoo was a religion that was not evil, but just another cultural variant of looking at the afterlife. Black magic, however, was considered self-centered, and voodoo defined any selfish intent evil. Black magic was associated with the color black, because it was thought of as dark, shady, and something done in the shadows. The color associated with evil in voodoo was red rather than black, possibly because of the red eyes that evil spirits […]

Zombis without the “E”

The Zombi Without the “E” Unless you’re undead yourself, you’ve heard of the TV series The Walking Dead. Most of us have seen Scooby-Doo’s shambling zombies. We know there are brain-eating zombies, flesh-eating zombies, and then there’s the overly hyperactive zombies that bite, infect, and move quickly to the next victim to infect, then the next, going on and on with a ceaseless end of need to infect. What about the voodoo zombi? The zombi spelled with no “e”. It’s not surprising if you know little to nothing about the zombi’s from Haiti. Let me give you the jaw dropping truth though. The Haitian zombi’s are the original zombies! Maybe they’re not the flesh eaters or brain eaters or any really any kind of eaters we’ve to come to recognize – but they are the staggering, brainless, moaning wonders we have come to love. Let us take a […]

Zombie Sorcers & Apocalypse

Sorcerers, Scientists and the Zombie Apocalypse With zombies showing up everywhere from the most action-packed FPS games to gay fiction novels, writers have a lot of leeway in coming up with origin stories for their undead antagonists. Even more, there’s a great deal of freedom in how the writer can use their scenario to examine how the abuse of power can lead to horrible outcomes and how the disenfranchised might be the best ones to rely on when social structure collapses completely. Roots to Branches Over the years, zombies, once almost universally portrayed as supernatural creatures, at least to some extent, have become more scientific in their origins. Where wizards, mystics and sorcerers used to defy taboos and erase the line that separates the dead from the living, scientists, more often than not, cause the mayhem these days. The original concept of the zombie has its origins in […]

Horror Galore Book Releases

Hello folks. I was on a slight hiatus there for awhile, but I’m back. I am going to be putting out a blitz of blogs before Halloween. Yup, topic is zombies, and some voodoo too, not to mention human mutants. Why voodoo and human mutants? Goes well with my recent book releases, recent in this case meaning over last 60 days… 2015 Winner of Hollywood Book Festival Readers’ Favorite 5 Star The Hungry Monster Book Review 4 Star Amazon Link Young Adult Post=Apocalyptic Thriller Some violence, mild language, no sex. Suitable for young teens, LGBT friendly and written for the s8 & gay alike! Synopsis: Sam and his friends laugh when the storeowner calls them the Zombie Squad. They have no idea what is coming their way. Their trip to New Orleans starts out pleasant and exciting but then becomes bizarre and ends up outright horrific. On their first […]

Salute to Bookplex

Some friendly author help… Any author can tell you it is a difficult task to get one’s book reviewed. But Bookplex offers an author an opportunity to get genuine reviews. Reviewers at Bookplex will read your book, and provide an honest review for a modest fee. You can expect your book to be fully read and comments made with respect to the plot, character development, flow, and overall experience of reading the story. I have previously used Bookplex and felt reviewers truly read my novel as they gave insightful comments, highlighted positive aspects of story, and made fair critiques.  I recommend Bookplex for your review needs.   BOOKPLEX (click here for link)

A Lesbian & Mother: My Story

A Lesbian and Mother: My Story Part 1 of 2: In Denial   By Guest Blogger Shannon Bass Written in Support of the Queer Sense book. A theory that bridges from discrimination or mere tolerance to acceptance. Help contribute today! The word lesbian has always sounded like a mean word to call someone, even if they really were attracted to the same sex. In the 80’, 90’s and even the beginning of the new millennium, calling a female a lesbian was intended to be hurtful. So in an attempt to avoid being called that name, I would try to act like the rest of the girls by dressing up and wearing gobs of make-up and acting prissy. For me, this was extremely difficult and uncomfortable. I had always been more of a tomboy, playing in the dirt, catching bugs and frogs, climbing trees, etc. I loved to ride […]