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Bryce Summers

Bryce Summers

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

– Maya Angelou

I’m gay author who writes compelling fiction rather than gay fiction, which has memorable heterosexual and gay characters, and always a sensibility to gender expression.

– Bryce Bentley Summers


I was not a born zombie killer, I was once a Kansas country kid.

That’s right, go ahead, say them..

We’re not in Kansas any more are we?

How’s Dorthy?

Where’s your slippers?

Where’s Toto?

I wish I could say…California, or sophisticated Washington. But windy Kansas is my roots and home.

zombie_rainbow copyLong ago I traveled West, ran into San Francisco, later, jumped the bay, swam across to Alcatraz, and decided to keep going. I found myself in Bangkok, Thailand, where the Buddhist culture changed the way I looked at life.

Let’s all be present to the moment folks. Don’t look behind you or you’ll stumble, don’t try to look forward or you’ll become overly anxious. Stay right here in the moment. Easier said than done.

Then I got really daring, and went into a doctorate program.

Anyone who tells you that psychologists are boring would actually be correct. How do I know? I’m one.

Yes sir. I have a bona fide Ph.D. from the University of Houston in Counseling Psychology. Doctorate degrees I’ve found do not necessarily foster colorful, artsy people. Doctoral programs actually try to eradicate such things.

During my captive time in this…um, er, wonderful educational time I managed to develop a  Church A2R Titleappreciation on the infinite ways people can perceive and experience life. I just wish we could have truncated this learning experience to a half a year rather than four long unforgiving years.

How did I ever decide to be an author?

Well, I did not come upon authoring spontaneously. I always wanted to be an author, ever since I read Stephen King novels at the ripe age of 12.

His ideas are what I consider, brilliantly original.

Yes, the same King who introduced us to a clown that lived inside a sewer, how cool is that?  He  gave us the original epic plague novel, The Stand, and we shall always remember our journey to the Other World where we get to meet Bad-Ass gunslinger, Roland.

There are other literature inspirations I have read. There’s the dreamer who desired to build the largest, magnificent churNative Amer Pointing with AMENch in England, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett; and who can forget the wizard-making classes at the Hogwarts Castle.

But inspirations can come from films too.

My most memorable scene is in Stephen Spielberg’s Schindler’s List where I still remember  the sheer simplicity, yet brilliant creativity of pulling my attention to a red cap worn by a little girl while horror rules the day inside a Jewish ghetto. Or what about a man who’s paraplegic and soon finds himself sprinting in a beautifully built Avatar body.

Amen holding Undead headCloud Atlas was a trip…I’ll just leave it there.

Each film, book, is written by someone or someones…they all start out with a word, that turns to a sentence which moves to a paragraph then transforms to pages, and a book is born.

Writing is where life begins.

When I write, I connect to it. I feel a character’s anguish, experience a character’s exhilaration, and wallow in pity when the time comes.

Writing is a vehicle that provides lessons not just for myself, but for others. I strive to write a story that is beyond a tight plot is fast-paced, but rather I want to insert my readers inside the story where they come to know more about themselves.

NYTE GOD COVER OFFICIALIf you ever want to check out my books then I’ve written a book series, AMEN to ROT including the conclusion, NYTE GOD. These stories move beyond Sci-Fi & Dark Fantasy, but remind us of being a teenager who has to make hard choices and forced to shoulder responsibilities not prepared to take.

My novel, ROTVILLE, will be published by Damnation Book in 2015/16. They wanted to make the perfect obedient super soldier, but a hero was born. A sci-fi thriller with gladiator fights, zombie-like guys, human mutants, and a nanotechnological sword that slices through metal.

FM Cover Demon eyesFRESH MEAT is coming out in Spring 2015. Two diametric forces are slowly coming together: Warden EJ Jones is a sociopath who’s gratified through sadistic lust; thirteen-year-old Earl is delighted by his first crush on another boy. How are they related? One’s the man. The other is his past . . .

THE ZOMBIE SQUAD will be out this Spring 2015. Sam and friends were excited to visit New Orleans for a high school field trip. They laughed when the voodoo storekeeper called them the Zombie Squad. The smiling quickly turned to frowns when zombies were running through the streets of New Orleans. When they didn’t think it couldn’t get any worse they learned there were a group of mobsters chasing them through the city. The mobsters believed Sam and his friends held the key to the post-apocalyptic world and wanted to use them for their own vile means. The Zombie Squad race to an unforgettable end that gives them their well deserved title.

WOLFF OF WEHR HAMLET: THE LEGEND will be coming out over the next year.

Queer_Sense_Logo_ConceptQueer Sense is my nonfiction guide for parents, teachers, mental health professionals, educators and any interested in queer theory. A work devoted to building acceptance towards the queer community.

To end, if you were to ask me, “What is your inspiration?”

Ultimately, I search for ways to present an experience through another lens, and I don’t just want the reader to see it, but feel it.

In the mean time, I think I might consider one more idea on how to kill a zombie…

Zombie on Plate(Cropped)Want to see Bryce’s Amazon Author page?

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