Calling on all Super Heroines

Heroines of MarvelIn the world of superheroes, there is no doubt that women don’t get the spotlight like the dudes.

The comic world is male dominated.

The number of movies that have featured the super heroines are nothing to brag about. I’m counting Elektra and Catwoman. Hmmm.

Plus, you ever notice the names of super hero dudes just roll off your tongue?

Let’s see, we have Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Daredevil, Human Torch, Professor-X, Thing, Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, Beast, and I easily could go on. It’s like my brain is hardwired to say guy-superheroes.

When I’m asked to name Marvel Comics heroines it’s not so easy. Okay, so there’s that girl who is love with Cyclops and Wolverine, what’s her face, oh yeah, Jean Grey.

RogueWe foremost know for her attraction rather than her super power. How amusing.

I can do better. Yes. There’s one gal who has a superpower we all want. Invisibility! Yup, there’s Invisible Woman. Can’t we come up with a better name though? Transparent Woman? Ok, maybe not. Sounds superficial.

There’s Rogue. She is probably the most unique of all superheroes. A cool name too.

A heroine who can absorb other people’s powers.

We also have a heroine who creates storms out of thin air. What’s her name? It’s on the tip of my tongue. Should be easy. Oh, duh, Storm.

You may have known or not know that many of the super hero guys have their own counterpart.

Iron Woman Red She HulkDid you know there actually is a Spider Woman? And, a Captain America lady named American Dream.

Of course, we have Bat Woman, and there’s girl who has powers like Torch with a random name of Frankie Raye.

There’s a woman counterpart to Iron Man named Iron Man. Wait…what? Hey guys, did you mean Iron Woman?

Incredible Hulk may like to know there’s a Red She Hulk.

Then there’s the gals we may not know, but you may never want to know, except on the screen.

Have you ever heard of Moondragon? Now that name by the way, is a fucking awesome!

Moondragon is a character who reflects highly on our diversity in today’s modern age and gets an award for pushing on our ideals of gender.

MoondragonShe has a shaved head…how cool is that!

Unlike some characters who are boringly bitten by a spider, or exposed to gamma rays, or go through ah host of teleportation and genetic experiments like Amen, Moondragon got her abilities from diligent hardworking meditation.

Apparently, Moondragon was once a girl named Heather who was raised by monks on another planet. The monks instructed her on how to harvest her inner psychic powers. Really, when you get right down to it−isn’t that what we all want to have after we do an hour of meditation?

The nice monks taught Heather the art of chemistry and genetic engineering, after all, you never know when you need to do some Human Engineering on the spot. Not to mention, they taught her how to sit still, with her legs folded up and fingers touching and if do this long enough…viola. Telepath powers, martial arts expert, and some telekentic shit.

Heather got so good she surpassed the Monk Masters and tapped into a dark deity called Dragon of the Moon. Ol’ Dragon of the Moon saw potential, tried to groom Heather to be his personal minion, but she defeated him, and ended up calling herself, Moondragon.

Plus, on top of all this, Moondragon is a bisexual too. Right on! I was about to ask where are the gay superheroes? And here’s one for the ages.

It’s a fact that Moondragon will either kick your ass, or just take over you mind and have you kick your own ass. Either way, you’re going down.

This is not all in the world of heroines. We also have GAMORA. Wow, another freakin’ awesome name.

GomoraGamora is as badass as they come.

If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy then you’ve met Gamora.

Like many of us who rise to the top, Gamora had a trouble childhood. Frankly, Gamora’s childhood is rather complex to describe here, but I’ll do my best.

Gamora was part of humanoid race called Zen-Whoberis who were wiped out by a religious zealous order. Damn religion-always either proselytizing, or in this case, killing. She’s unfortunately rescued by an insane deity known as Thanos. Thanos is kind of like a Hannibal Lecter superhero villain. He raises Gamora as his own and conducts genetic engineering on Gamora to peak her bod.

He uses a special device to brainwash her so she can’t see how evil Thanos is. Not that little brainwash device could be quite useful in many families I’ve done therapy for, I’m just saying.

Gamora, in the end, is one of the most powerful and badasses in the galaxy.

I wonder what we can come up next for Super Heroines? I’d suggest a flare of ethnic diversity, bend those gender rules, and of course, let’s have a Lesbian super heroine for crying out loud.


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Bryce Bentley Summers is a psychologist who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Houston. He’s presently employed at  the Dallas Veteran Affairs Medical Center. Bryce is the author of the Young Adult Dark Fantasy (Sci-Fi) series AMEN to ROT, a story that pits young people against a sinister force, but also takes a look at learning what your capable of accomplishing when facing impossible challenges. The novel Nyte God will conclude this series and will be available in 2015.

Be on the look out for a ROTVILLE, a Sci-Fi Thriller (Horror) that will be published by DAMNATION BOOKS and be available in 2015. A story about an experiment gone awry, they wanted to create the perfect soldier, but instead, a hero was born…

Also be on the look for FRESH MEAT, a Paranormal (Horror with Multicultural & Gay Themes) and is about a sociopathic’s inner journey from evil to salvation.


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