Count Counts His Names: Vampire Nicknames

Badass VampireYou all know Count Dracula from Sesame Street. Right?

And that’s not him on the right…that my friends, is a rabid vampire.

He’s not a Count either, and the only thing you count on is having him rip you to pieces.

Dracula’s names are plentiful in the world.

Like what you ask?

Vlad Tepes (pronounced tse-pesh) is a good start. It’s not really a nickname though, but the name of the man who started the legend. He was a human, but if he could take a creature form, it’d be like the guy you see here. He was a bloodthirsty sociopath.

In the 15th century, Vlad was the Prince of Wallachia, an area inside Romania. Tepes by the way stands for Impaler. This meaning has some significance. Prince Wallachia had a bad habit of impaling his enemies. It is expected he killed about 40,000 to 100,000 people in this fashion. Eeeks.

So, yeah, Vlad or Impaler are a good start.

Addiction sounding names are Blooddrinker, Bloodbinger, Hemo-Globber, Neck Biters, and Bloodsucker. Gawd, with those names you could found Blood Anonymous.

We can make note of those nice sharp teeth with Fangface or Fang Boy. Oh right, equal opportunity here-there’s Fang Girl too.

Drac sounds like an infant with names of Dirtnapper or Sucker.

Vampire S8 Jacket copyIs Drac insane? With names like Batsy, Nightwalker and Ghoul, you might think so.

Need a repulsive name? These will do the trick…Leech, Nightcrawler, Nightstalker, Parasite, Tick.

Darkness always reigns…The Dark Ones, Coffin Sleepers, and Black Souls.

Someone on the internet threw this one out-Undead American or Undead Weight. Uhm, right, so I think this goes with Zombie nicknames perhaps?

In the spirit of the Undead though, the names of Cold One and Pulse-Challenged have also been offered for ol’ Count.

If you like monarchies then the Prince of Darkness fits.

Getting a bit more sophisticated we have Vrykolakas or Sanguisuge. The latter basically means leech. On second thought, that goes up in the repulsive category. As for Vrykolakas, it is associated with an undead creature in Greek folklore.

Sesame Street CountI came across a blog titled Cruel Nicknames for Obese Vampires and there found Count Chocoholic, Vampire the Buffet Slayer, or the Vlad the Inhaler. There’s the typical vampire names you might come across if you ever visited a Transylvania castle.

Of course, you could forgo a silly nickname and go for an ancient vampire name with meaning.

Until then you can always count on Count.

Bryce B. Summers is a psychologist who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Houston. He’s presently employed at the Dallas Veteran Affairs Medical Center. Bryce is the author of the Young Adult Dark Fantasy (Sci-Fi) series AMEN to ROT, a story that pits young people against a sinister force, but also takes a look at learning what your capable of accomplishing when facing impossible challenges. The novel Nyte God will conclude this series and will be available in 2015.

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Bryce is also a blog writer for the Human Rights Campaign.

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