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Bryce B. Summers is an author and psychologist who brings creativity and an intellectual edge to every project he completes.

Bryce earned his Ph.D. at the University of Houston in Psychology and has gained an appreciable knowledge in the areas related to health, psychological well-being, and topics related to multiculturalism.

His extensive research experience ensures employers that they’re getting someone who is thorough and diligent in every task he’s assigned.


Bryce’s educational and professional endeavors give him experience in conducting research on medical and psycholgical databases, on the internet, and other search engines.

This retrieved data is integrated into comprehensive, easily readable, and coherent reports, articles, direct sales letters, news letters, or web copy. Bryce’s diverse range of writing projects assure conciseness, flow, sound work, and when the time calls, sense of humor.

Bryce has self-published four books and will be traditionally published by a publisher in 2015/16. His experience in authoring self-published books and soon to be traditionally published novel demonstrate his ability to complete an edited and formatted document that prospects want to read.

Bryce brings a strong knowledge base in the areas of health that are wide ranging. His understanding on multicultural concepts promises writing that is senstive and informative on the areas of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and social justic issues that arise around the world.


A story gives us meaning and connection.

Whether it’s a book or sales letter, one person’s story can be the difference between a prospect selecting your company or going another route. Bryce is skilled in developing hooks that push a prospect to continue reading.

Consider the following HOOKS

You want a full head of hair, not an eyeful of scalp.
You want something that works.
By now you’ve heard it all…
• Soak your head in this solution or lather it with this cream…
• Pop this pill and swallow a handful of these…
• Eat this but be sure to avoid that…

A vampire belongs in a coffin, a mummy in a tomb, witches like their broom closets, zombies go anywhere they damn well please, but you my dear reader, belong right here…

Todd Endris was like any other avid surfer—unable to pass up a clear day when the water was inviting and the waves promising. Nothing indicated to Todd that today would be different than any other as he paddled farther into the deep blue ocean. As he pressed his stomach against the surfboard, he noticed a stealthy movement out of the corner of his eye. Within moments, a sharp pain radiated throughout his body as the fifteen-foot shark’s teeth sank into his flesh. Todd was helpless; there was nowhere to go, no way to escape…

Catching people’s attention is what I do. This is how I managed to get a publisher and why I’ll attract people to your product.


There are the blurbs I can put on paper, and then there’s the things that have no words. I have editorial and research experiences that are extensive and you quantify them by research papers I’ve completed, novels written, and articles prepared.

The experiences that have no measure are my life experiences. Life experiences bring uniqueness and creativity to every blog, each article, a simple blurb. They the written form vitality.

What experiences am I talking about?

I have worked as a psychologist providing treatment to sexual offenders, a substitute teacher, a correctional officer with juvenile delinquents, a residential worker inside a group home for severely emotionally disturbed children, coach, and Big Brother.

Not to mention I was once a English as Second Language teacher in Bangkok, Thailand.

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