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Published April 28, 2015

Genre:  Supernatural Psychological Horror (multicultural theme), Gay Fiction

Age: Adult

Sexual violence, graphic violence, prison violence, strong language (advise against children reading)

Market:  Embraces gay identity but written for LGBT & heterosexual audience; Lovers of Silence of Lambs with a gay Hannibal Lecter; Prison reform; Theme in fiction that compares 21st century American prisons to 19th century American Slavery

Awards: GOLD, FIRST PLACE:  Gay Fiction in the 2015 Dan Poynter’s Golden Globe eBook Award


It’s July 4, 2000, in Comer, Alabama.

Three individuals with ties to torture, murder, and slavery are about to come together in an unexpected way. Old Soj is an African-American woman with family roots to slavery. Supernatural powers emerge for the umpteenth time in her life, and most interestingly, she has a recurring vision of a white thirteen-year-old boy whom she’s never met, telling her to “save the boy.” Warden E.J. Jones is a sadistic, psychopathic man who cruelly reigns over Arm Liom Prison. He and every inmate become mesmerized by a new young arrival known as Punk.

On July 4, 2000, a powerful evil is awakening that cannot be stopped except by one force. Darkness and light are about to come face-to-face.


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