Imagine a day when we transcend to an Affirmative Queer Culture.
It will happen.

Imagine a day when the word Straight only refers to a straight line.
Imagine a day when Coming-Out only means exiting.
Imagine a day when In the Closet only speaks to your storage for clothes.
It will happen. Wait.

Imagine a day when Same-Sex Hate Crime is an antiquated term and forgotten.
Imagine a time when saying I’m Gay is said without fear.
Imagine being Gay is as natural as being a female or male.
Imagine a day when saying I’m a Woman or Man is simply stated because that’s your gender.
It’s coming soon.

Imagine a time when You Hold Your Lover’s Hand regardless of his or her sex.
Imagine a day when the word Civil Union was a past word used and marriage is the only word known for partnerships.
Imagine a time when Heterosexuality is not the presumed default.
Imagine a time when asking Are you married? is asked of anyone.
Imagine asking Will you marry me? to anyone you love.
It will happen. Wait and see.

Imagine a day we don’t have to read about a Gay Fourteen Year-Old who committed suicide.
Imagine a time when youth in high school are not bullied, threatened, and beaten.
Imagine never hearing a parent kicking their teenager out from their home because she came out gay or transgender.
Imagine a time when all news media is supportive of gay rights.
It’s coming.

It is already starting to happen.
Look around.
Imagine not.

The anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act has been defeated.
Thirty-six states and sixteen countries have marriage equality.
Gay people serve openly in the military.
Celebrities are openly gay in the media, professional sports, and US Congress.
Transgender serve openly in major political offices in the world.
Conservative media keep a civil tongue as they oppose queer civil rights.
Gay and transgender are coming out in their teens; and coming out openly in Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah.

The Queer community is slowly paving its way into mainstream world.

We will see same-sex fathers and same-sex mothers in the playground.
We will smile at the sight.

We will have no set expectation of who our children will marry.
We will accept our children unconditionally.

We will tell our children they can marry anyone they like – boy or girl.
We yearn for their happiness.

Imagine this will come.

Most importantly though – Just Believe.

Queer Affirmative Culture transcendence is on its way.

Does this make sense?

I hope it makes…

Queer Sense.


Blog by Bryce B. Summers, Ph.D., Psychologist

Bryce is the founder of Queer Sense Theory. Queer Sense is a revolutionary theory that describes how we form attitudes towards queer people. Queer Sense fosters awareness and thereby brings about acceptance. Acceptance is the archway between the queer community and the rest of the world.

Bryce is also the author of the fiction Young Adult Dark Fantasy/ Sci-Fi series AMEN TO ROT. The novel NYTE GOD is the conclusion to this series and will be released in the next two months. Coming soon is FRESH MEAT. A novel about a psychopathic warden who lusts over a new arrival to his prison, the Punk, but soon discovers this fresh meat is much different than the run of mill newbies he’s head.

Be on look out for the novel ROTVILLE, a Sci-Fi Thriller complete with virtual reality. gladiator battles, mutant humans, and an enhanced super soldier who wields samurai swords with skill.

The books THE ZOMBIE SQUAD and WOLFF OF WEHR HAMLET: THE LEGEND will be coming out over the next year.

Bryce’s fictional books each have the spirit of Queer Sense which aim to build a readership of not only queer folk, but all people who like to read fun, loving and unforgettable characters.

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