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The conclusion to the Amen to Rot series is realized in the novel NYTE GOD.

NYTE GOD will be released in 2016.

When completing a book there is the writing bit which is a huge beast in of itself. The editing that never ends is another story and of course there’s the marketing which is a headache. Somewhere at the end there’s the art cover design which is more or less waiting for the author. But someone is working hard.

LukaszThis blog is dedicated to the creator of Amen, Lukasz Poduch. Twenty-six year old Lukasz studied architecture for five years before he decided that this was not his career and turned to illustrating. He has been doing illustrations now for the last two years. Lukasz lives in Lublin of his home country Poland. His website is http://lukpods.tumblr.com/.

Lukasz came up original concept design of Amen over a year ago for book two. I told Lukasz over an email that Amen was a creature who was once a human turned beast and gave him a sketch. My sketches by the way are quite scary. I portrayed Amen with talons for arms and noted he likes to eat rotten beings-hence we get the series title Amen to Rot.

I was quite pleased with the product Lukasz gave me. A Marvel Comic book looking guy. I was hooked and tasked Lukasz to create three covers and several illustrations that were included in books two through four.

Below are some illustrations he completed for books two through four. Thank you Lukasz.


AMEN TO ROT COVER ONE.NEW VERSIONAMEN TO ROT: Awaken Book One. The cover for Amen to Rot One: Awaken was completed by Lukasz. However, I originally hired a different illustrator who did the cover and illustrations inside the book. I actually liked the book cover to book one but decided to keep with the same style of Lukasz and ask him to make a simple book cover for book one.

Amen, if you didn’t know by now, is technically a good guy. He eats zombies.


AMEN to ROT 1 COVER The cover on the right was the original cover for book one.

This was completed by Tran Dac Trung.










A2R Cover 2(UPDATED COVER).4.7.14AMEN TO ROT: Alien Virus Book Two. This was the first time I saw Amen. I had no idea Amen was so ripped and Marvel Comic-like! I was sold.










Amen Kills More Herders(Low def)From AMEN TO ROT: Alien Virus Book Two.

Amen Liquidates.

Lucky for Amen. He has talons that blossom open and fire molecular beads that explode on impact. In this scene Amen is killing the alien beings called Herders.

Herders are given their names because they can herd the zombie-creatures together either in attack formations or lead them to fresh killed/ wounded human carcasses to feed.






Amen holding Undead headFrom AMEN TO ROT:  Alien Virus Book Two.

Glowing Eyes.

I may just be a morbid bastard but this illustration with Amen holding a skull with glowing eyes is really cool. Why does the skull have glowing yellow eyes you ask?  Good question. It’s a head from the zombie whose body he just ate.

Everyone, by the way, knows the zombies in Amen to Rot have glowing yellow eyes.

Amen is not exactly known for his table etiquette so you have to excuse the drool.







amencover311sketchAMEN TO ROT:  Hatched Book Three Cover.

This is the cover sketch for book three. I really enjoyed this concept design. It depicts a wounded Amen whose arm had been severed and he now stands on top of a pile of rotting zombies. Luckily for Amen, because he feeds on rotten flesh his arm is regenerating. Down below a zombie creature is clinging on to his tail for its dear life. Amen will soon eat it though…he does have a voracious appetite

If you are interested in reading more on Zombivores then click here.

AMEN TO ROT.3.HarvesteesThe finished product is on the right.









PodsFrom AMEN TO ROT:  Hatched Book Three.

Guard the Pods.

This is a cool scene.

The unconscious youths lie inside their pods with a force field that hovers over each pod.

A trooper who are known as Nyte troopers stands guard.




From AMEN TO ROT:  Hatched Book Three.

Herder Egg.

This is a Herder egg. The making of an egg is not exactly the easiest process. It requires dead human carcasses, zombies, and the Herders’ telekenetic powers. Once you get this  combo then viola, you have a Herder egg.

And later there are lots, and lots, and lots of new Herders. This is how Earth became populated with hundreds of millions of Herders over such a short period of time.







Church A2R Title_SmallFrom AMEN TO ROT:  Hatched Book Three.


In book three, Ace has a flashback escaping Santa Fe, New Mexico with his brother, Noah, father, and uncle. They are with a group of people fleeing the city who are attacked. Ace and his family split from the group and move to an underground tunnel and pop up in a dilapidated church.

It’s a disquiet scene to be sure.





A2R 4 Cover_Warm


AMEN TO ROT: Mase Warrior Book Four Cover

A very interesting picture.

Amen bows down in church and looks like he’s taking a moment of meditation.

On one hand, there’s the concept of “Amen to Rot” which refers  to the fact that Amen eats zombies who are rotten beings. There’s more depth to this title after you read the stories and learn this phrase came from Amen’s father. Ultimately though – before you eat any meal you say Amen. Why do we even say AMEN?

On the other hand, Amen is a beast, monster, creature and the idea of him bowing on his knees goes against some grain in one’s mind. It makes an interesting sight.

There is one other motivation for this illustration which is known only to me. You learn in these stories that Amen was gay in his human life.

The church, especially the old church, depicted gays as  not just sinners but monsters and beasts. This depiction here is putting a literal form on how the church looked upon gays for centuries.

It conveys a sense of redemption for gay rights.


Highway_Black&WhiteFrom AMEN TO ROT: Mase Warrior Book Four

Amen’s Ambush.

This is a rough sketch for an illustration that is in book four. I almost like this better than the finished product.

Book four takes place in Dallas and Amen awaits on top of elevated highway. Above him there is another elevated highway. He’s awaiting for the massive number of Herders who are charging in his direction and plans to ambush them. He uses his teleportation abilities and lethal fire power to destroy the elevated highways which end up piling on top of the Herders.

It quickly becomes a mass graveyard of Herders.

Highway_Amen on Overpass_ColorOn the right side is the finished product.









Orx_A2R TitleFrom AMEN TO ROT:  Hatched Book Four.


Orx is the alien Nyte dictator. He is Amen’s nemesis. Given that part of Amen’s DNA is from Orx it is not surprising that Orx can regenerate himself by absorbing tissue of a mutated human, aka zombies.

In alien world, Orx rules a city that is covered by a force field dome. I cannot give away secrets but the dome is in place for good reason.

Orx lords over a humanoid species. He also has guards who are a species he long ago enslaved called Mase. A  description of a Mase is easy to provide because they look like Amen. There is also a lower species Mase called Mase-Drones, but they’re better known as Herders.





OrbFrom AMEN TO ROT:  Hatched Book Four.

Orx’s Portal.

On Orx’s world there is a portal high in the mountain that takes the form of an orb. This portal was once destroyed by the Nyte rebels but Orx had been trying for decades to get it to re-open. It is reactivated after a team from Earth who are experimenting with teleportation technology teleport to Orx’s world.

The team is killed except for Captain Harrington. The Captain returns to Earth two weeks later but his time in Orx’s world had poisoned him and he quickly dies on Earth re-rising as a mutated human.

The portal opens to the location in Earth where the humans were conducting their teleportation experiments-Bangkok, Thailand.

The Herders can use their telekenetic powers to bend the wormhole and move it to different locations on Earth. It will eventually re-position itself back to Bangkok though.

In this scene there is a sabotage act on Earth that causes the portal to erupt into a ball of fire. It kills all the Herders that were surrounding it and trying to bend it.


Native Amer PointingFrom AMEN TO ROT:  Alien Virus Book Two.

This is out of order I realize but I would like to end with this one.

The characters who are in this book all reflect diversity just like what we find in modern day society.

Ace and his brother are Japanese-American who allegedly have history to the Samurai Warrior. Siri is Thai American who’s lesbian while Michael is white who is heterosexual but admits to once questioning his sexual orientation. The Priestess Nyte character, Inma, is transgender. There is a young black woman. A young man with India ancestry.

Amen the creature was once a Latino gay man who by the way has Native American ancestry on his mother’s side. The Native American statue located in Colorado does in fact have historical roots to Amen.

The pointing out into the distance is a recurring theme. The question is, where does the finger point to?

On the bottom of statue is an inscription that says, “Hope shall guide us from these ruins.” This is message that ties into the prophecy from Orx’s alien world.


Bryce Summers is a psychologist who earned his doctorate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Houston.

His specialty is in the area of sexual orientation and he’s the founder of Queer Sense. Queer Sense is a comprehensive model that explains how people form attitudes towards sexual orientation. This model may be viewed at www.brycebentleysummers.com/queersense

Queer Sense ought to be interest of LGBT people, friends and family of LGBT people, educators, and companies and organizations whom desire to construct an affirmative workplace environment.

Bryce is also the author of the Young Adult Sci-Fi (Dark Fantasy) AMEN TO ROT series. The series includes NYTE GOD which concludes this saga. Damnation Books will be publishing his Sci-Fi (Horror) novel titled ROTVILLE in 2016-17. The soon to be released paranormal (Horror with Gay theme) novel FRESH MEAT takes a hard look at the immoralities of America’s prison system. Three people’s lives are intertwined by a history of slavery and suffering: a psychopathic warden, a 111 year-old black woman, and a mysterious new young inmate arrival.

Bryce is presently working on a Young Adult zombie story and the Wehr Wolff series. The first of Wehr Wolff series is tilted Hans Wolff of Wehr Hamlet: The Legend. These will be released in 2015-16.

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