Queer Sense Ecological Model: Extended Cultural System

Extended Cultural System

The extended cultural system interacts consistently with the micro cultural system and each influence the other.
This system is comprised of people, institutions, and events that the individual does not have immediate contact with but are nevertheless part of an individual’s community.

Matthew ShepardThis system includes schools and churches in the community, parent’s place of work, friends’ parents’ place of employment, local politicians in the community including state politicians, and active community organizations that range from local chapter anti-gay religious group to Human Rights Campaign.

This cultural system does not just consist of people and organization but events too. Events include Westboro Baptist actively protesting at a local area Gay Parade, Human Rights Campaign sponsoring an event for AIDS awareness, politically explosive current events like a school shooting, a teacher fired from one’s school for being gay, a gay college student being a victim of hate violence, and local employment organizations that conduct community outreach for no discrimination in the workplace.

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