Queer Sense Ecological Model: Micro Cultural System

Micro Cultural System

The micro cultural system consists of people and organizations that are within a person’s immediate vicinity. The individual’s micro cultural system naturally expands with age. A two year-old girl’s micro cultural system may include only parents, siblings, and grandparents, but the same child who is now fourteen years old will have a micro cultural system that includes teachers, peers, coaches, dance instructor, parents, siblings, siblings’ friends, parents of friends and so on. The fourteen year-old girl is not only exposed to other individuals, but she’s exposed to organizations too which have their own environments. This includes the girl’s school, church, Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts, football team, Gay Straight Alliance, PFLAG, Christian clubs, and the list goes on.

PFLAGAn individual’s micro cultural system in other words increases with age.

By the time the girl is eighteen her micro cultural system includes the university she attends, dormitory where she lives, residents in that dormitory, close friends, peers on campus, professors, guidance counselor, fraternities/sororities, various college clubs on campus, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner’s friends, employer, co-workers, and the list goes on.

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