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Published July 28, 2015

Genre: Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Age Group: Late Teens to Adult

Graphic Violence, Curse words    |    Market:  Jedi thriller riders, New Sci-Fi Edge in future America, Heterosexual and LGBT audience

Awards:  Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars (click to see review), Runner-up in 2015 Hollywood Book Festival


It’s the year 2030 in the post-apocalyptic city known as ROTVILLE, where people infected by a plague disease are quarantined. The director of Colosseo Super Max Prison, a penitentiary located inside the quarantined city, has carried out hundreds of inhumane experiments on inmates in an effort to make an enhanced human. He selects twenty-year-old Dylan, a psychologically disturbed inmate to be his prototype super soldier. He is confident he can transform the weak Dylan into a military killing machine through genetic engineering, and control him via a controversial memory-implant program. The director plans to showcase the obedient and super-enhanced Dylan in a gladiator tournament to his investors, who will then beg him to purchase similar soldiers.

But the plan goes awry when a group of rabid human mutants, the result of a top-secret project gone wrong, break out of Colosseo and flee into the nearby city. In the ensuing panic, the neuro-technician in charge of implanting Dylan’s memories makes a last-minute decision and changes course. She inserts her own memory program instead, one that teaches independence rather than obedience, and trains Dylan to be a modern-day samurai. And now the super-warrior Dylan must break out of Colosseo, save the neuro-technician’s son inside the quarantined city, and somehow keep himself and the child from being torn to shreds by bloodthirsty mutants, while also avoiding being recaptured and returned to his prison hell to be paraded in the gladiator tournament for the director and investors’ entertainment.

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Reviewed by Roy T. James for Readers’ Favorite

Rotville by Bryce Bentley Summers is about certain complex experiments being conducted on humans in a quarantine setup which acts as a prison, Colosseo, located in the city of Rotville. Though the people are quarantined due to a plague attack, worse times await them in the form of cutting edge experiments, both of an agent that can cause loss of rational thinking, and by the introduction of neural insemination implants that can insert memories of one’s choice to any brain. The first victim selected for this experiment, Dylan, is being programmed in the role of a samurai and is expected to be a compliant specimen. However, everything does not fall neatly into place, certain unexpected developments occur, taking the experiment to rather unforeseen results.

Rotville by Bryce Bentley Summers is a gripping tale. I find it difficult to say which character is more appealing; the rebel gladiator Dylan, the competent scientist Dr Jun Sun, or the omnipotent Director of Colosseo, Dr Titus Maxim North, as well as many others who appeared in small but notable roles. The care that Dylan takes to keep himself and the child from the mutants’ harm, as well as the professional way the Colosseo Corporation management is depicted, are only some of the noteworthy parts of this thorough entertainer of a book. Both the insemination implants and the compound Regen seem to be too intuitive to be seen only as fictional ideas. This is a very good novel; excellent narration and a perfect plot are the high points of this page turner.


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