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Support the novel Fresh Meat & Support Social Justice

…It’s not just a book.

If you want to support an author, a friend, or you’re interested in the genre of suspense paranormal psychological horrors, or if you ever wanted to be inside the head of a psychopath, or you ever wanted to read social justice issues embedded in a supernatural tale, this will be of definite interest to you. And this costs you no money but a simple click. (SUPPORT THE BOOK! CLICK THIS LINK).

My new novel, Fresh Meat, has launched on Amazon Scout and will run for the next 30 days. Amazon Scout is a place where you can vote for never-before-published books and it costs you no money. If the book you voted for wins, you get a free book plus you get to know your book of choice will be published and promoted by Amazon.

The Amazon Scout campaign for Fresh Meat is coinciding with a non-related crowd funding project. In order to not cause confusion, I will focus on posting blogs in support of the Fresh Meat Amazon Scout after the conclusion of the crowd funding campaign for my nonfiction work, Queer Sense: How are Attitudes Formed?  A guide for parents, teachers, teens, and anyone interested in queer theory.

In the mean time, please feel free to Share this post and click on the link below! And Please vote! It’s a work worth your while.

Fresh Meat is a three year project that comprises of multiculturalism, has heterosexual and gay heroes, is not erotica, and includes an underlying appreciation for social justice. (SKIP to AMAZON SCOUT LINK).

I am a gay author who does not write gay fiction per se, but includes gay and heterosexual heroes and villains in my stories, and I’m always mindful of diversity. Fresh Meat is more than just a supernatural psychological horror fiction. It is a work that honors the African-American struggle from slavery through civil rights, and challenges all institutions that dare emulate that old abolished system we once called American Slavery. This book celebrates gay male identity and reminds us all that gay men are people who have compassion, love, and respect for another human being.


“A psychopath will face his greatest enemy.”

It’s July 4, 2000 in Comer, Alabama. Three individuals who have ties to torture, murder, and slavery are about to come together in an unexpected way. Old Soj is an African-American woman with family roots to slavery. She’s having supernatural powers emerge for the umpeenth time in her life, and most interestingly, she’s having a recurring vision of a white thirteen year-old boy whom she’s never met, telling her to “save the boy”. Warden E.J. Jones is a sadistic, psychopathic man who reigns over Arm Liom Prison and he and every inmate at his prison become mesmerized by a new arrival known as Punk. A powerful evil is awakening at Arm Liom Prison that cannot be stopped, but by one force.

A great darkness is about to come face-to-face with a formidable power.

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