Teleportation is No Longer Sci-Fi Baby!

Teleportation is No Longer Sci-Fi Baby!

Star TrekWho has not wanted to go to New York City?

The irritation, at least for me, is the drive to the airport, hurrying inside to check in your bag, waiting in line to check through security, tossing your shoes onto the conveyor belt, waiting for your flight, walking in another line, getting onto the airplane, more waiting to take off, then you’re up in the air and trying to keep yourself busy, you finally land and there’s more waiting, and well, you get the picture.

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel to New York City in a NY second?

Hell yes you say.

Ladies and gentleman let me introduce teleportation.

In the next five to ten years, will we be saving all kinds of time as we beam from Wichita, Kansas to New York City in less than a second?

Or heck with that – let’s transport from the Land of Oz to Paris, France!

You might want to hold onto your car and continue booking your flight on your favorite online site for the time being though. The reality of beaming people like they do in Star Trek is going to remain a Sci-Fi phenomenon for awhile I think.

But for how long though?

In 1993,  announced at the American Physical Society that quantum teleportation was possible. Nice, a theoretical reality. Is there a catch? Yup. They said it was possible only if the original object being teleported was destroyed. Gulp. That might hurt sales as you’re trying to solicit customers to travel on your new teleportation device.

PhotonIn 1998, physicists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) along with two European groups made IBM’s teleportation theory a reality by successfully teleporting a photon. A photon being a particle of energy that carries light. The team sent the atomic structure of a particular photon across 3.28 (about 1 meter) of a coaxial cable and created a replica of the photon on the other side.

That may not be too exciting for someone who has their bags packed and ready to hop on the teleportation machine, but this is groundbreaking folks.

In scientific terms I’m afraid I do not fully grasp the language of this science but I gather the CalTech people had to overcome the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. They did this by using something called entanglement. Basically, you have the original photon you are teleporting from position A to position B. The photon going to position B will be identical to the first photon but not the same one. When you are teleporting the first one though you have to be careful you don’t change it before you teleport it. They therefore use a process called entanglement. Maybe you should just read about it?

In 2002, researchers at the Australian National University successfully teleported a laser beam, and in 2006, a team at Denmark’s Niels Bohr Institute teleported information stored in a laser beam into a cloud of atoms over 1.6 feet (half a meter) away.
Australian teleport breakthrough

university-of-science-and-technology-chinaIn 2012, researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China teleported a photon 60.3 miles (97 kilometers), 50.3 miles (81 kilometers) farther than the previous record. And just two years later, European physicists were able to teleport quantum information through an ordinary optical fiber used for telecommunications.

Quantum teleportation may not be directly revolutionizing our travel industry, but it is affecting the world of quantum computing. This new technology can distribute information at transmission rates far faster than today’s most powerful computers. That’s really cool.

The  FlyLet’s get back to teleporting from Wichita, Kansas to Paris, France though. Ok, so let’s say they invent the human teleportation wonder machine. Right, so maybe I can get over the fact that I’m being destroyed, aka killed in Wichita, Kansas only to have my clone arrive in Paris. When will I be able to buy this new teleporter? I know I have to keep it in a nice sterile place. I don’t want a fly spliced into my DNA and be like that guy in The Fly. No sir.

He did not look too good after awhile.

Wait a second. One more set back.

According to our scientist friends, in order to teleport a human your new teleporter computer would have to pinpoint and analyze all of your 10 to the 28th power of atoms that make up your human body. That’s more than a trillion trillion atoms. Um, that’s like a lot a zeroes.Jeff Goldblum Fly

Your teleporter machine would have to send this information, your replica, to another location where another machine would be located. Once all the information was sent to the new location this machine would reconstruct your body with exact precision.

So how much leeway do we have for error?

Well, the housefly being spliced into your DNA is going to be least of your worries. If you’re reconstituted molecules are even a millimeter out of place you’d arrive with severe neurological or physiological damage.

If this wasn’t enough to damper your plans to traveling to Paris, France in a second consider this set back. Physic students at the University of Leicester have discovered that even if human teleportation was possible, it would take a bit of waiting for your body to be scanned. Your new wonder teleportation machine would need over four quadrillion years to just scan your human brain alone. My mind is trying to wrap around this concept of one quadrillion. Our Earth is a mere infant at 4.54 billion years old compared to that ridiculous number!

I’m starting to think that waiting in line at an airport security queue doesn’t sound so bad now.

Skeleton PileLet’s just assume some scientist figures out how to speed things along. Your replica, aka clone, who arrives to the new location is right as rain, but the uh, original is another story. I’m not sure what the original looks like after teleportation. Technically you have been murdered by the teleportation process. I’m not even sure what you look like after you teleport? But from reading different articles

I’m starting to think it looks like a gross pile of muck. Ooo.

Well, I don’t want to be a pessimist here, but I might just stick to my car. I do like a nice drive on the open highway.

Alas, I will be optimistic about the future. I’m a dreamer you see. Even after writing all the stuff I wrote, I still believe teleportation could be a possibility someday.

Most importantly though, what makes me a believer is history.

You see, I just need to look at history, and I see things once considered ridiculous Sci-Fi has become actual science. Things we once thought impossible and insane are now facts of our lives. We use many our devices without thought.

We dry our hair with these niffy things called hair dryers using something called electricity. We drive motorized vehicles that have smart computers inside them that regulate temperature, monitor fluids and brakes, and tell us when to get them fixed. That’s just the lower end car. We carry tiny magical machines that act as oracles that give us knowledge of the world, aka, iPhones.

GalieoHistory tells us that we should be reflective before we scoff at strange or impossible ideas.
Galileo was placed on house arrest for merely suggesting the Earth was round.

A Hungarian physician named Semmelweis was castigated by his medical community. Why? He suggested people should wash their hands after touching a dead person. People thought he was insane because he said you could be infected by things invisible to the eye called germs.

A guy named Robert H. Goddard was ridiculed by his colleagues and scathed by the New York Times in the 1920s. He promoted the crazy notion we could send rockets into outer space. Now, when you go to the space center it is called Goddard Space Flight Center.

We have ideas galore that were all once considered science-fiction, unbelievable, but are now reality. We now have genetically engineered silk that is a strong as steel and lighter than carbon fiber.

Flying CarWe now have self-driving cars are just ready to be massed produced, but hell with those, we actually have prototype flying cars!

The scientists at the University of Arizona recently bred genetically modified mosquitoes that are 100 percent resistant to the malaria parasite.

Unmanned military aircraft drones are a stark reality as a Afghanistan mountainsides are scorched. We have artificial limbs that can be controlled by the mind. There’s even an invisibility cloak that they’ve made and, I assure you, they are not borrowing it from Hogwarts.

invisibility-cloakCloning is not around the corner, it’s here amongst us. Stem cells will likely allow us to cure diseases, and enable us to live to be 200 years old.

Not that long ago scientist said teleportation was impossible, then it moved to theoretical possibility, then they actually did it. You see a pattern here?

In closing, I suggest we remain grounded in facts, always, and take the date we have at our fingertips to make rational decisions.

Goddard Space Flight CenterBut let’s never get so rational we are bogged down in thick mud and say something like…
It is impossible.

History shows us there have been plenty who have taken that path only to eat their words.

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Bryce is presently working on a Young Adult zombie story and the Wehr Wolff series. The first of Wehr Wolff series is tilted Hans Wolff of Wehr Hamlet: The Legend.

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