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The Heterosexual Cure: “Hope is Here”

Dr. Jonathan Philip, founder of the National Organization for Research and Therapy of Heterosexuality (NORTH), released this statement to the press Monday November 24, 2014, “For people who are tired of living a life of heterosexuality…hope is here.”

Philip has combined his research with Dr. Reeuq Yag, a psychologist and counselor who is a pioneer in helping heterosexual men become gay.

They’ve combined their work and named their organization the Center for The Heterosexual Cure or simply known as THC. Dr. Yag is the acting lead Psychologist Chief.

THCThe THC, located near Norman, Oklahoma, has been gathering data from a large pool of subjects over the last five years. Dr. Yag and Dr. Philip have been conducting trial studies seeking government approval. They’ve recently received it, but that’s not all.

Word has spread over the state, up North to Kansas, West to Utah, East to Missouri, and to the panhandle of Texas. The Oklahomian Daily Fabulous News reported there have been a surprising number of heterosexuals from these regions who are seeking to re-orient from a heterosexual to a gay sexual orientation.

News reporter Damron Ib of the Utah Mormon Rainbow News grilled a recent convert, forty-four year-old Ted Zurc. Ted had been doubtful of his heterosexuality for years. “I don’t know how I knew it wasn’t right. Certainly, sex with the wife never felt…good. I had these dreams too. And oh my Cute Guy copyGod, it was s- so hot. Well, one day, I just realized something was off. I knew I was too rigid and I put myself in this horrid enclosed confined space. Then I saw the ad for THC calling for participants and I knew this was right.”

Did the program deliver and meet Ted’s expectations? Apparently so-Ted says he couldn’t be happier. Ted told a reporter from the Alabama Closeted Queerfolk News, “I knew something was missing. Turns out…there was a whole lot of something missing.”

Ted continued with his bombshell story. “Look, I had no idea gay sex could be, what’s the word? Satisfying. Not only that, I’ve fallen in love with someone. A guy I met at the program. A guy named Harvey Klim.”

The organization THC plans to roll out the carpet for their program next Spring 2015 making it available nationally and internationally.

Philip contends, “We have designed an ethical sound program that is truly geared to helping heterosexuals becoming gay. In the end, it’s really not the program that makes this work so well, but it’s the participants. You see, the participants just need the right push. Give them a few same-sex experimental sessions via our new virtual reality program and viola. They’re wanting more and wanting it for real. We now have real data that demonstrates we can help heterosexuals find their true Gay Identity Potential.”

Yag assured the Texas Queer Times, “We do not push our agenda on anyone. This program is only for people who have unwanted heterosexuality and come to us on their own will. And of course, we follow principled guidelines in admitting people to our program.”

What are their ethical guidelines? They are very short and to the point in fact.


Rainbow1. Conversion Practitioners treat patients who freely and actively seek to change their heterosexual sexual orientation. They admit only patients who have unwanted heterosexual sexual orientation.
2. Conversion Practitioners who do meet a heterosexual patient seeking to affirm their heterosexual sexual identity are to be referred to a Heterosexual Affirmative Counselor where the purpose of counseling is acceptance and adjustment to a heterosexual sexual identity.
3. These ethical considerations, unfortunately, are not likely to placate those who view heterosexual conversion therapy as Heterophobic. However, the belief that individuals cannot freely choose to change their heterosexual orientation gives a low opinion of people’s ability to change oneself.

Philip argues there are going to be groups across the United States and the world who will be overly critical of the THC program. He said, “In fact, we already have received hate mail saying we have no right to change a person from heterosexual to gay. But if you listen to the people sing their wonderful song after completing our program then all the hate mail in the world, well, it just can’t compete with that.”

Yag offered these revealing words to groups that oppose THC’s work, “Activists for years said that sexual identity fell on a spectrum. Recent science has not just confirmed this to be true. Scientific findings now tell us that heterosexuality actually does not exist.”

Wait? What?

GIPThe research bears out that each person has a Gay Identity Potentiation (GIP). A person’s GIP is rarely reached for any person. Why? The opportunities for exploration are simply limited. There are only a select few societal environments that give a person the perfect changes to explore. Not everyone can live in the Netherlands.

Yag’s and Philip’s research is based on blood samples from people identifying as pure heterosexual.

Philip says, “These people are convinced they’re heterosexuals and the science simply tells us they’re not.” He challenges, “Give me any blood sample. I don’t care who. Get it from someone who’s a zealot on the fact they’re a pure heterosexual. I’ll prove otherwise. Name anyone…Ted Cruz of Texas, Todd Aikin, Doug Lamborn, or Bill Graham. The science will bear out the truth. No one is truly a heterosexual for no one ever reaches his Gay Identity Potentiation. And when someone reaches their potential, their true sexual identity will always fall outside the spectrum of pure heterosexual. Every single time.”

Chris Golfer_GleeYag gives further explanation. “No person is actually heterosexual one hundred percent. The person may identify as heterosexual, but they have just lived too long in a heterocentric environment and have no awareness of their Gay Identity Potential. Frankly, the person’s GIP is rarely reached and only can be achieved in the right environments. Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves in cultures that frown on any exploration and most of us will never reach our Gay Identity Potential.”

Philip concludes, “Given the chance though, if every person did hit their sexual orientation potential, one’s sexual identity would actually fall on a very diverse spectrum that would not be heterosexual.”

The implications of this revelation are astonishing. The more people who come to realize they can be gay will find relief knowing there’s a program like THC. They will in fact be thankful to shed this weighty, heterosexual skin they have worn for years, sometimes, decades. People will come to realize their sexual orientation is actually not heterosexual, maybe not gay 100%, but something else. The sky is the limit and bisexuality is not quite the right word, but Philip says, “it’s all we got”.

Heterosexuality, in other words, will become obsolete. Philip says, “This will send a ripple through the world. People are certain to react horribly in some cases, but we are talking a truth here. Just the hard facts.”

Dr. Yag presented THC’s findings at the American Psychological Association last summer and predicted, “In twenty years the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, the bible of mental disorders, will contain a diagnosis of Heterosexual Dystonic Disorder. We for years have known that every person in society actually questions their sexual identity in their teens, but we’re finding this continues to linger on for decades for a significant portion of people. These people are very distressed by their heterosexual lifestyle. They want to live gay lives.”

Rainbow EyePhilip says about THC’s mission. “We take our role as re-orienting counselors very compassionately. We are ethical practitioners here at THC and most importantly we have the research to back us up.”

What research is Philip speaking about?

They have gathered a large pool of statistical data that provides support that re-orienting from a heterosexual sexual identity to gay sexual identity may not only be satisfying, but is healthier.

The Promiscuous Heterosexual?

Jordan Lorence, the Senior Vice President of the anti-gay organization, the Alliance Defense Fund, makes a good argument of why heterosexual men ought to become gay. He argued that the main reason people ought to oppose same-sex marriage is to protect society from the promiscuity of straight men. The heterosexual community have yet to comprehend…gay men love.

This is love copyTHC provides a valid solution for not only heterosexual men who are distressed from their repeated sexual relations. Dr. Philip argues men may have an underlying issue that can be cured. “Heterosexuals may simply not appreciate their sexuality. We know that 84% of spouses say they would cheat if there no consequences. We think that’s because the husband wants to sleep with the girl in the mall, and the wife wants to sleep with her son’s tutor. But that’s not it all. These people really need to explore their sexuality…explore with not just the opposite sex but someone of the same-sex. You see, they’re still lost.”

Income, Educated, and Creative

THC advocates say about the program, “The program itself is quite easy. We’ve noticed once a person starts the program their defense mechanisms and internal hate quickly melt away. So, it’s not doing the program that’s any issue. That’s because once you discover your true gay core self, you start to see things you never knew could exist. The big hang-ups are the jitters you get before joining the program. Usually this is the nervous heterosexuals who are not sure if this the answer.”

Yag smiles at this and says, “But when you show them the soon-to-come-down-the-road benefits, well, they sign right up.”

Gay people make more money than heterosexuals with a median income of $60,00 versus the national income of $50,000. Not only is this a fact but gay people owe less debt and have $6,000 more in their savings. Gays build up significantly more equity in their homes – a median of $77,000 compared to national average of $62,000.

Grainbow dollar signay people are not just economically better off but they’re better educated. Same-sex couples earn much higher salaries compared to heterosexual couples. Forty-six percent have college degrees versus a third of heterosexual couples.

If this was not enough to excite someone to becoming gay then listen to this. Gay people tend be more creative than straight folk. Psychology Today says creativity is overrepresented among Lesbians and Gays. This may be why people think gay men are more fun than heterosexuals.

Marriage & Well-Adjusted Children

Lesbian CoupleMSame Sex Men & Childarriage has always been considered a huge event since humans evented the thing.

If marriage is on your radar why not join the side with the lowest rate of divorce? That’s right, same-sex divorce rates are significantly lower than heterosexual couples.

THC guarantees you will never look at a same-sex person the same after finishing the program. You will be honed in on all aspects of love – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Catching that right love will be very easy.

As for the opposite sex person you once found attractive? The girlfriend you were dating over at that sorority? That husband? THC assures you that there’ll be no awkwardness or discomfort as you transition to being gay. You’ll stay friends with past lover, but the person’s attractiveness will be forgotten and the error of your ways will be crystal clear. You will be satisfied, Phillip says, “Because you see, gays are happy.”

Yag assures his recruits, “You’re going to love being gay and the straights will envy you. APA Monitor even says gays are the new fabulous role models for straights in today’s world.”

After the completion of THC, not only will the new gays join the rank and file of members who have the lowest divorce rate, but they are joining an extinguished group renown for their parenting.

Same-sex couples get the Best Parents of the Award for eighteen years in a row. Studies demonstrate that children raised in a same-sex couple are emotionally well-adjusted, well-rounded, and the most accepting of diversity.

Cure Your Heterosexuality And Join the Rainbow!

THC understands that heterosexuals who are unhappy with their sexual orientations may at first be reluctant to enroll in THC. Yag says, “We know this program is not exactly a fad like tanning once was or like getting a chemical peel. But it will become mainstream.”

Philip encourages, “Give people some time. When they learn the benefits and dreams that can come true in becoming gay. They will see the small amount of work is worth it.”

Yag predicts, “And when heterosexuals over the world learn their true dreams can become this wonderful queer, well, I think the queue for THC will be miles long.”

Philip compassionately adds, “While we wait for the heterosexual community to come to full awareness, we can in the meantime do something the next time we see a heterosexual on the street. Just give’em a hug. He’s after all just a confused person who’s never hit his potential.”

Ted, the recent gay convert offers these words, “As a new gay I have a new found freedom I never imagined possible. Gay people are truly happy. It’s utterly fabulous!”



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Bryce Summers is a psychologist and received his doctorate degree at the University of Houston. He is the founder of the model called Queer Sense. Click here to learn more about Queer Sense.

The website Queer Sense will coming out December 15, 2014 and gives us the answer to the nagging questions, “Why do people become homophobic?”, “Why are people such haters to us queers?”, “Why do I like the masculine gay but hate the queeny one?”

Bryce has self-published four young adult dark fantasy books that are part of a series. The final book to the series, Nyte God, will be out January 2015. His book Rotville will be published by Damnation Books 2015/16. The book Fresh Meat, an adult book about a psychopathic warden who comes head-to-head with a new inmate he never expected will be published in 2015.

Current works include a book that is a New Adult supernatural horror, erotic and gay friendly and heterosexual friendly.

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