The Pioneer

The Pioneer

Bryce Bentley Summers

I looked at my watch and leaned back in the driver’s seat, regarding the people coming out of the main airport terminal. She’d be coming out any second. My mind drifted to tonight’s event my fraternity was hosting.

The 1999 Dark House of Sexy Beasts was to be the most sensational Halloween party that Xi Pi Phi Fraternity had kicked off in years — an eyes-only event for sororities. After all, this was not your traditional macabre haunted house, but a dedication to the perfect blend of darkness and eroticism. Everyone at the University of Missouri campus was buzzing about this upcoming sensation.

My fraternity brothers placed a few of us in charge of the preparations and I was designated as coordinator of operations, decorations … name it and I was the chair. The brothers had decided on the bulk of scenes to be displayed on the wondrous sensual-haunted tour, and it was up to me to make sure it happened.

So it’s no surprise that I have no recollection of my newest friend, Katy, telling me that her best friend, Sam, was coming to visit from Minnesota a day before Halloween – the same day of our event. Apparently she told me this a week ago during lunch. I no doubt replied, “Oh, cool, Kat, we’ll all hang out for sure!” while my mind was ticking off all the shit I had to get done in the next week, before every campus sorority girl wandered through our maze of dark sensual delight.

Every spare moment I had I ticked off items in my head that I needed to get. Body paint, four dozen black lights (or was it six dozen?) I had to borrow a fraternity brother’s pick-up truck to transport two dance poles from the local gentleman’s club.

Someone tapped on the passenger window of my car, I started, my attention brought abruptly back to the present. A chubby-faced police officer’s face was at the window, and he motioned with his hand to pull up. I parked the car up in front of a station wagon.

A pretty girl with long blonde hair (about nineteen years old) stood on the curb and stared at me. I sat up. Was this Sam? She glanced away when our eyes met and I was instantly doubtful.

An older girl came up to her; they jumped up and down and wrapped their arms around each other. I sat back in my seat realizing this was going to be a lot more difficult to find Katy’s friend than I had realized. I should probably park and walk inside and see if I could find her.

A staccato of high pitch beeps blared out in the car. My hands tightened on the steering wheel, and I glanced in the rear view mirror then looked down. I sighed. It was my cell phone that I had laid casually in the cup holder.

The phone was given to me by my father the previous week – a commodity I had been begging my parents for since I was in high school but they had refused to buy me one, giving endless reasons. Cost. Silly fad. Absolutely unnecessary. “Tyler,” my mom would say, “If you paid as much attention to your homework and getting your gymnastic scholarship as you did in convincing me and your dad of buying you a phone, you’ve already landed yourself in a tier one university.”

Life certainly had a sense of humor though. My mom told my dad to get me one, in case I had an emergency. I think her main reason was to check up on me because she had already called me three times since I got it. I had tried to change the ringtone to a sensible one, but it seems I had managed to select the most annoying ringtone possible.

I flipped the phone open, “Hello?”

“Tyler?” It was Katy.

“Katy! I’ve been trying to get hold of you. I’m here, but I have no idea what Sam looks like. I don’t even have a last name. And I left the arrival info back at the house.” There was static noise on the other line, I held a hand to one ear and hollered, “Hello? Katy, you there?

“—e’s there. Sam just called me from the airport.” Another buzz of static. “—wearing a University of Minnesota shirt and red ball cap. Tyler, can you hear me?”

“She’s here? Where? Kat?” All I heard was garbled talk on the other line and I stared out the window in desperation. Two girls stepped out of the revolving door, pulling bags on wheels behind them, and passed a young man leaning against the wall. I leaned forward, momentarily forgetting why I was at the airport. He looked about my age and was scanning the area and had a duffel bag over one shoulder.

I could not turn away and took in his olive skin and big eyes. He looked in my direction. My heart beat faster, and I was aware Katy was no longer talking. “Katy? Katy, you there?” I looked at the phone and saw I had lost the signal.

The young man started walking towards my car. He had washed denim jeans with rips in them and an earring in his right ear. I stared in front of me, but couldn’t resist, and stole another glance at him. He was coming straight towards me. He bent down at the passenger window and tapped on the window with his knuckle. I leaned over and rolled the window half way down. His blue eyes were dreamy.

“Tyler, right?”

I jerked my head back in surprise, and instantly became aware of the maroon ball cap and Minnesota sweatshirt.

“You’re Sam?” I squeaked.

He smiled and my head buzzed. “Yup,” he said, “Your Katy’s friend, right?”

I nodded – unable to speak at that moment. His smile turned to a grin, and my throat was constricted. “Uh, you mind if I get in?” he asked.

“Oh,” I laughed, and unlocked the door. He opened it and tossed his duffel onto the floor at his feet.

He sat down and said, “Thanks for getting me.”

“Sure,” I said, hitting the blinker, swerving around a car, and speeding out of the main terminal.

“Do you have any Kleenex?” He rubbed his hands together, grimacing, and said, “Payphones had shit all over them.”

“In there,” I said, pointing to the glove compartment.

“Nice. So, what happened to Katy? I barely got to talk to her.”

“Uh,” I glanced at his face, felt faint, and tried to focus on the traffic. “All the lab assistants called in sick so I guess she’s it. She asked me to come get you.”

“Sweet, thanks again,” Sam said, taking off his hat and brushing his thick wavy brown hair back with his fingers, before putting it back on. “So, what’s your story? Katy said you guys have been friends since freshman orientation. A whole two months, right? And she says you are in a fraternity.”

“Yeah,” I answered and glimpsed over at him. He was staring out the window. His face was smooth and my head soared in the clouds. He looked back to me and I snapped my eyes back on the road. “Pledging Xi Pi Phi Fraternity,” I answered. “Not really suppose to talk about what we do. I hate saying that when people start asking questions, so I try to get the rudeness out of the way. But it’s fun.”

“I know the drill,” Sam said, “I’m in one too.”

“Oh, cool,” I said, turning onto the highway. “Which one?”

“Delta Lambda Phi.”

“Oh, never heard of it.”

Sam pointed at an upcoming exit. “You mind stopping for some quick grub? I haven’t eaten all day.”


“It’s a gay fraternity. So yeah, lots of guys.”

My hands tightened on the steering wheel, someone honked behind us and I jerked on it to get the car back between the lines. A large pick-up roared past us, the driver laying on the horn. I watched the turn I was going to take, speed by us, and muttered, “Shit.”

I looked over at Sam, he wasn’t fazed we just missed the exit, but instead he was keenly watching me. I focused on the road again, giving a short laugh and said, “My bad. You, uh, like burgers? There’s a cool place ahead.” In my head my mind screamed at me. He just said he’s gay. What do I do? Act cool; need to act cool.

Like burgers?” Sam replied, dropping his jaw. “You must be kidding! Love ‘em.”

“What’re you studying?” I glanced over and the corner of his mouth turned upwards. Shit, he knew I was changing the subject. He leaned back in his seat and said, “At the moment, journalism. But my mom says majors change as frequently as a common cold, so it’ll probably change. You?”

“Biology. Med school later on.”

“A doctor, huh?” We pulled into the parking lot and my cell phone started ringing again in the cup holder.

Sam looked down at it. “Oh, bad-ass! I plan to get one next month.” I picked it up and looked at the caller-ID, sighing. “Oh hell, it’s EJ.” Sam raised an inquisitive eyebrow and I explained: “Big bro from the frat.” I flipped the phone open.

“Hey, was’ up?” I smiled over at Sam who regarded me with the corners of his mouth barely curled up, giving him an amused look.

“Tyler, where are you?”

“I had to get someone at the airport. I got everything two days ago, so you’re all good to go.”

“Dude, never mind that. Get your ass here. We need to you work the pole tonight.”

My stomach knotted. “The pole? I thought Mac and Joe were doing that?”

“Some kind of family emergency.”

“Oh shit,” I said.

“Yeah, big problem when we got twins to do the biggest number. So they’re fucking out. Look, we’ll get someone to do your part. We need you hitting the pole, you’re the only who could do this on such short notice. And we’d like to get one more. You know anyone?”

I looked over at Sam. He was rifling through his bag. I answered, “Let me think about that.” Sam looked up and made a gun with my hand, and pulled the trigger. He grinned and my heart missed a beat.

My mentor continued speaking. “Frankly, I said you should have done it from the beginning, but a few guys, not saying any names, said you were just a pledge. Fuck that. Now they want you. Plus, every sorority chick has been asking if you’re going to do the pole.”


“Yeah dude, really. Is that a shocker? Chicks putting you as their top choice?” I picked up the sarcasm.

“Because I do gymnastics?” I asked.

“Dude, seriously? Because the girls think you’re fucking hot. Where you say your from?”

“Outside Topeka—”

“Rhetorical, dude. Rhetorical. Get your ass down here. I wanna see you suited up in an hour.”

I checked my watch and sighed. “Ok.”

“You can wear what you had for the other thing. Girls gonna eat out of your hands, or hell, probably your ass,” he laughed and said, “it’ll all be good. Trust me.”

“Wear the bikini?”

“What’s that? Oh hell, gotta run man. Seriously, you’re going to get lots of pussy after this, I promise. Later.”

I flipped the phone closed, took a deep breath, and looked at Sam. He raised his eyebrows, a question mark on his face, and said, “Man, couldn’t help but listen to all that and still have no clue what it was about. I caught gymnast, pole dancing and bikini.” He leaned his elbow on his seat, one of his eyebrows was arced up sinisterly. “Umm, you going to work a pole, Tyler? If so, where do I sign up to see this? Seriously.”

My face was warm, and I looked down, coughed in my hand, and said, “Yeah, my fraternity has a haunted house, but it’s more like a Freddy Krueger style erotica house. Every year they have a couple of guys pole dance. Two brothers were going to do it this year, but I guess they’re out, I’m in and they’re looking for one more.”

The side of Sam’s mouth curled up, a dimpled formed on his cheek. “That’s tight.”

I rubbed my forehead and groaned. “Not tight. More like fucked up!”

Sam playfully hit my arm. “What’re you worrying about? Put on that bikini, squeeze your legs around the pole and I think you’ll be just fine.”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s easy for you to say! Have you ever pole danced in front of hundreds of girls?”

Sam grinned. “Not girls.” He winked at me. “Voted number one pole dancer at the Pink Unicorn.”

I scratched my chin, my mind working. “Pink Unicorn? Wait, so you pole dance? ”

Sam put his hand on the door handle, and said, “Freakin’ awesome tips too if you can stand all the groping. I’m straight ace too Bro, strictly professional, I don’t do any of that tricking with customers.” He offered a smiled and I melted. He raised his index finger, barely touched the bottom of my chin. “Best close that. Could catch flies or cock.” I snapped my jaw shut.

“Come on,” he said, opening his door, “I’ll tell you all about it. But you have to be somewhere, I have to eat, and you’re going to need Pink Triangle expertise. Tell your big bro you found a second guy.”

“Really?” I got out of the car, stood up and stared at him across the roof of the car. “Did you bring anything to wear?”

He waved his hand in dismissal at me. “No worries my man! We can go over there.” His thumb jabbed over his shoulder and I noticed for the first time a small shack with a rainbow flag in the window. A sign on the front announced the store’s name, “Rainbow Arsenal,” and under it, in smaller letters, ” Lubricants: 50% off!”

Sam sniggered. “How often you come to this hole in the wall anyway?” I looked at the hamburger joint I had driven us to – a run-down brick building – and considered the area. For the first time it dawned on me that I came here earlier in the semester one afternoon to check out the club across the street called Fantasy.

I had never ventured out here at night. Okay, once I parked nearby and explored, strolling around and taking in the scenes. I was busy watching people enter Fantasy when a car full of young men stuck their heads out the window, yelling at me. One shouted, “Show your ass!” Another said, “We love you!” I looked up and caught one young man’s face in full view. He was gorgeous. Our eyes met and he turned to his friends in the car and hollered, “Oh shit, he’s fucking hot! Stop the car—”

My heart thundered and my hands sweated. I had to leave. I hurried around a corner, down a dark alley to the other side, and almost ran into three men with bushy beards, dressed in leather jackets and bandanas on their heads. They looked at one another and back to me. One with a baritone voice, asked, “Hey, baby. Everything ok?” I nodded, backed up and bumped up against the wall, and I startled.

One of the men stepped forward and the shadows receded from his face. He was an oversized bear who had speckles of gray in his beard, several earrings in his ears and one in his nose. “You sure, baby?” The man reached up, and I scooted away from that hand, trotted down the street and yelled over my shoulder, “Just feel sick!”

I made it to my car and drove back to the house. Adrenaline pumped through my entire body as I lay on my bed. I remembered the young man’s beautiful face, and whispered to myself, “Why did I run?”

Sam came up beside me, bringing me back to reality and nodded his head towards Fantasy. “Have a friend who goes to school here who says this is the best gay club in Columbia. Looks like the only club, huh? I guess you take what you can get.” He grinned at me and tilted his head. “You check out the boys here a lot, Tyler?”

“What?” I licked my lips and shook my head. “No, I just found this place. I-”

Sam touched my shoulder and leaned forward. A scent of vanilla and oranges was on his breath. “Just playing. Relax. Let’s get something to eat. So, what’s your story? You dating a really hot chick I bet?”

I shook my head. “I had a girlfriend in high school but we broke up. No one here.” My phone was ringing in my pocket and I took it out. It was Katy.

“Tyler, you got Sam?”

“Yeah.” I turned from Sam, saying in a hushed voice, “You didn’t say Sam was a guy.”

“Tyler, I did too. You’re head has been somewhere else the past week. Anyway, thank you so much for doing that. Thanks for the VIP tickets by the way. I’m sure Sam will love going too.”

“Yeah,” I looked over at Sam and followed him into the restaurant. “I actually think Sam is helping me.” I told her about being designated as the new pole dancer.

She said, “That’s hot Tyler. Let me talk to him.”

Sam was carrying his food from the counter, and sat down. I tapped his shoulder and gestured with the phone. “Katy.”

He arced his eyebrows up, took the phone and answered, “Yo. Hi! Yeah, just eating.”

I looked around the place and remembered sitting in this restaurant by the window, staring out it to across the street to Fantasy.

“Yeah, you’re right, he is,” Sam said. I looked down and Sam was glancing up at me, his lips turned upward in a mischievous smile. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and said with a mouthful of food: “Wait a sec, Kat.” He swallowed and dabbed his mouth. “You were right. Anyway, we’re going to grab some sexy undies next door.”

I walked over to the bathroom, went to the urinal and observed the scrawls on the wall. One read, Call for BJ, and yet another read, Fuck my asshole. I washed my hands, checked my reflection in the mirror, and pushed a few strands of hair back that had fallen in front of my face.

The mirror was high off the sink and I had to stand on my tiptoes to look at my ass. A rip in the back of my faded jeans showed off white undies. I opened the door and saw Sam was standing outside on the curb, still chatting on the phone. I came outside and Sam smiled at me. “Ok, here he is.”

I took the phone. “Katy?”

“Tyler, I’m way excited to see what sexy skivvies you find. Sam thinks you’re really cool by the way. How’re things going?”

We reached the store, I hesitated at the doorway, and Sam disappeared inside. “Good. He’s, uh, energetic.”

“Yeah, try to keep up. See you soon hon’.”

I closed the phone and Sam opened the door, grabbed my hand, saying, “Come on dude.” I allowed myself to be lead inside, and we crossed the counter.

A woman sat at the register, reading a magazine and barely looked up, saying, “Welcome to Rainbow Arsenal.”

Sam’s hand took mine, his fingers interlocking mine, and he pulled me to the back where they had bikini underwear, open chaffs, and the variety went on.

We came to a shelf full of skivvies and he took one, looked at it, set it aside and got another. I chuckled and pointed at the pouch on the front of one. “It’s like a dock for your dick, huh?”

“Sure is,” Sam said, stepping up to a mirror, taking a couple of skivvies with him and placed one up to his waist, then another.

“What did you mean when you said, ‘You were right’?” I asked.

I didn’t think he heard me. He dropped a skivvy and placed another one in front of himself, turning sideways. He looked up though, and stared at my reflection in the mirror and answered, “Katy had said you were gorgeous and really cool, and I said ‘you were right.'”

“Oh,” I said. Sam walked over to a shelf and took off two hangers and dangled the article of clothing in front of me, if you could call them that. What I was looking at, was G-string underwear. I met his eyes. “Seriously? I am not wearing that!”

Sam pursed out his lips, making a pouty face. “Why not?”

I looked around me, but the store was empty. Then I whispered. “I might as well be naked.”

Sam shrugged. “Works for me.” He leaned on the wall and said in a low voice, as if we were negotiating a price for a car. “Tell you what. I’ll put on mine, and you try on yours, and then we’ll decide together. If you say no, then it’s final.” I imagined Sam in a G-string and my head made two perceptible nods. I scratched my throat hiding the fact I was swallowing the saliva that had built up.

I shrugged; grinned, giving him my most confident grin and snatched the hanger from him, stepping into a changing room. Sam went into the one next to mine. A few moments later I was wearing the G-string, but had kept my T-shirt on. I considered taking it off, checked myself in the mirror, pulling up my shirt and saw that my entire ass was visible. I decided to keep my shirt on. I called out over the top of the stall, “Sam.”

His voice came from the adjacent room. “You ready?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“We’ll come out at the same time. On three…One, two, three.” The door next to mine clicked and I opened mine. Sam was standing in front of me and I swear, the Earth tipped on its axes and spun at lightning speed. I was but a mere victim of unknown built-up passion erupting all at once. I staggered back a step, and placed my hands on the wall to get my balance.

Sam wore only his G-string, and well, his red hat too, which was on backwards. I couldn’t breathe. His pecks were defined and his body was velvety cream smooth, his hand lay on his slender hip, his stomach made a visible V and his quads flexed. He made a turn in front of me and his buttocks were defined and sumptuous. He faced me again and asked, “So?”

I forgot what language I spoke.

“Tyler, Tyler.” Sam gave a sharp crack of laughter, shook his head, and a gorgeous grin spread over his face that I’m sure could light up the darkest corner of the universe. “You’re doing that thing with your jaw again. Best close it, don’t know what someone might stick in there around here.” I forcibly closed my mouth and my teeth clicked.

Sam tapped his chin, and gave me an amused, reproachful look. “Dude, lose the T-shirt. Com’on man!”

He gave me a crooked smile and said, “Let’s see what we’ve got,” and grabbed the end of my shirt, his fingers sliding against my stomach and lifted it. His eyes locked on my waist. A nodule formed in his throat and he nodded, saying, “Right, safe to say the sorority chicks will dig this. Turn.” I did as he commanded. Sam lifted my shirt up from the back, and he didn’t say anything. I looked over my shoulder, and Sam’s face was flushed. He let the shirt down, his fingers dusting my buttocks. I had a hard on, and pulled my shirt down, covering it and faced him in a sideway stance.

It was Sam’s turn to be speechless. He finally grinned again, swallowed, and spoke in a hoarse voice. “So, if you ever ventured to the uh, let’s call it my side, would you say you’re a bottom or top? Please say bottom.”

I tilted my head to the side, furrowing my brow, completely confused by the question, and asked, “What?

Sam clutched my shoulder. “You’re really just a pioneer aren’t you, exploring a whole new world?”

I was even more baffled.

Sam looked in the mirror, his butt facing me. “So, done deal, right? We’re doing this?”

A smile formed on my face, my eyes fixated on his ass and I nodded.

“K,” I said absent-mindedly.


We had changed back to our street clothes, made it back to the house and saw that it was a beehive of activity. Most of the fraternity brothers and pledges were in costume or getting one on.

I had trashed the bag the store had given us, not wanting anyone else to see the incriminating name of Rainbow Arsenal, and stuck the G-strings in my backpack. I brought Sam to my mentor who was with two other fraternity brothers. They were putting on leather halters, and one was putting on a dog collar. I tried to recall what they were doing. My mentor must have noticed my inquisitive expression and explained, “Dungeon of hell, we’re forced to work for the Goddess of the Netherworld.”

They turned to Sam and one asked, “So, Tyler says you can pole dance?”

Sam smiled a charming one that’d disarm Satan and his entire league. “Can I pole dance? That pole is my bitch when I ride it,” he said. “She’ll answer to one master.” That received hearty laughter and they told us to go and get changed.

Sam walked next to me while we went down the hall to the room where we kept the supplies. A couple of pledges were running towards us with black skivvies; bodies painted silver and had glitter sprinkled all over them. They slowed and one asked, “You’re doing the pole, Tyler?”

I shrugged. “Looks like it. We both are.” I thumbed to Sam who stared with enrapture at both young men in front of us.

One clapped me on the shoulder. “Fucking awesome.”

“Come on,” said the shorter, broad-shouldered pledge, “We need to get the kegs.” They hurried off. Sam turned to watch them hurry down the hall and disappear around a corner.

I tugged on his wrist. “This way.” My voice rose in pitch and I felt irritated with Sam. We walked past a room where several of the fraternity brothers were getting ready. Two knelt close to the door, they were naked and their bodies painted red. They were fastening chains on their ankles and one bent over, and mooned us. Sam quit walking, his unblinking eyes fixed forward.

“Sam,” I whispered, “Quit! This isn’t your frat.”

Sam looked away and bit his finger, muttering. “Shit, I don’t know if this is hell or heaven. They’re all fucking so hot, but they’re all probably tit worshipping assholes.”

My face burned and I commented a bit more sarcastically than I meant. “Fine, you can wander around the house and gaggle at all the boys, but I’ve got a job to do.”

Sam turned to me; put his arm out to stop me in my tracks. This time it was he who had his jaw down to the ground. “Lookie there. Tyler, giving spice. Baby, don’t be offended by this huge flirtation, but you’re way hotter than any of these dudes. I’m with you all the way. You and I are doing that pole.” I soared high above the clouds at this compliment and as I turned away from him, a small smile spread over my face. It’d be a year later that I would realize the pings of jealousy that surfaced with all of Sam’s butterfly stares.

We went into a room where there were body paint and glitter. “I don’t think we have time to paint,” I said, “but glitter will do.”

A knock on the door caused us both to wheel around.

Sam asked in an incredulous tone, “Katy?”

It was Katy standing in the doorway, holding a backpack. She was wearing black tights and her small breasts swelled in her suit. She had a mask over her face and wiry whiskers sticking from her rosy cheeks. She dropped the bag and sauntered in, opened her arms and hugged Sam. She turned to me, and I touched the furry ears on her head. “Uh, let me guess, Catwoman?”

“I’m on the prowl boys. This pussy needs to find herself a man that will give her lots of cat nip.” She tapped her chin, the corner of her mouth curved up, giving us a crooked, teasing smile. “Think I have a chance? A fraternity? Lots of naked guys?”

Sam grabbed her hand and said, “Pussy cat, if you can’t get your pussy scratched here then I suggest you try the sororities, cause you were built to eat pussy not dick.”

Katy tittered at that and hugged Sam. “Oh, I missed you. I’m so excited you guys finally met.” She brought up an index finger, saying, “This calls for a toast.” She went over to her bag, took out three small bottles of white wine and handed us each one. She unscrewed the top of hers and said, “One should never drink wine fast, but time’s ticking.” With that, Katy tipped her bottle back and guzzled.

Sam and I gave each other a look, smirked, shrugged at the same time, and followed suit. She dropped her empty bottle into the bag and asked, “Want any more? Got lots.”

Sam hit my arm. “Come on dude, liquid courage.” We downed one more and I wiped my mouth when Katy said, “So, get dressed boys and show me how you ride the pole.”

I took off my backpack and opened it, threw one G-string to Sam and took the other. I faced away from Katy and took off my shirt. My head was lightheaded and I had a solid buzz. I unzipped my jeans, pushed them down and out of my peripheral saw Katy had sat down, watching Sam and I. My underwear fell to my feet and I stepped out of them and stood stock still looking down at the G-string in my hands. The room was dark and the garment was tangled up. The buzz made it difficult to focus and I was not sure what was up or down. So I stared down at the tangled G-string with stupefaction, uncertain about how to proceed.

I glanced towards Sam. He was naked, lifting a leg and putting on his G-string. His ass was in full view, his buttocks flexing and tightening. He glanced back at me, and his eyes caught mine and he gave me a smile. Katy came to my side, touching the middle of my back, her hand sliding down to my waist. With a finger barely touching my crack, she asked, “Hon. Can I help you with this?”

I nodded and gave it to her. “It’s wadded up.” She laughed, her fingers gliding down my butt and took it.

She started to untangle it. “I’ve been wanting you guys to meet for a long time.”

Sam asked from across the room. “You getting it tiger?”

I looked over and saw that his eyes were fixed on me, and by on me, I mean staring at my ass and dick. I nodded and waved my hand at him in dismissal. “Hella easy. I hope you really know how to do the pole.”

Sam walked pass me, his eyes raking over my body, picked up the glitter, saying, “Just wait.”

Katy tapped my stomach, I turned to her, and she held the G-string out. I took it and she put an arm around my waist, saying:

“I think it was a bad idea too. Promise me, Tyler, you won’t break your head, please?” She squeezed my waist tightly, saying, “K. Go. I’ll hold you up.”

“Hey, watch this!” I plucked her hand off my waist, balanced on one foot, and brought my leg up far behind me, doing a swan stand in the nude, asking, “Impressed?”

She was staring at me, and said out of breath, “Very.”

Sam spoke behind me, his voice hollow, “Fuck yeah. My blood’s left my head, shit.”

I put my foot down, and put on the G-string, asking Katy, “Why’d you want us to meet anyway?”

She sighed. “Tyler. You’re one of the few guys who doesn’t know how beautiful you are. And you don’t pick up when girls flirt with you. I realized you liked guys, and later realized maybe you didn’t even know you preferred guys. Then I saw you at Fantasy one night. You were watching people go in. I was with a good friend whose gay, so it’s okay if you are.”

I tugged at the string in my crack. Katy patted my butt, and her lips pressed on my cheek, staying there for a second. She spoke in a hushed voice. “You like Sam, right?”

I met her eyes and nodded.

Sam said, “I know you guys are talking about me. Just know I’m having a private conversation about you with myself.” He came over and put his hand on my arm, looking me up and down. “Nice. What time you say this all starts?”


Sam looked at a clock on the wall. “Damn. Katy, get him glittered up. Do it lightly though. It could cause us to slip on the pole.” He handed her a bottle and she started to brush it lightly over my body, working from my back down to my butt, and going down my legs. I ogled at Sam as he bent over, putting the glitter on himself, he looked up, our eyes met, his mouth transformed to a lopsided smug smile. When we were finally ready we went to a nearby room where two poles sat on raised platforms.

Black lights lit the room and Sam looked at the poles. “K. We’ll start small. This is the easy number, just swing around.”

Sam bolted forward, wrapped his calves around the pole, sped at a high speed and stopped. “A basic twirl. We’ll need to get more complicated. Just do your best. Don’t over-do it though.” He crawled up, wrapped his legs around the pole, tilted his torso so it hung over the ground and put his hands out. I licked my lips watching his taut quads, the muscles in his back contracting. He did a crunch, his abdomen showing off a six-pack, crawled up the pole even more, and wrapped his legs around the pole and twirled at a slow pace towards the bottom.

Several feet from reaching bottom, he stopped and grabbed hold of the pole so his chest lay on the bar, spread his legs, bringing them as far to his side as he could. I viewed his spread-out smooth buttocks with shaking hands. He brought his legs back together and stood on the platform. Katy applauded. Sam nodded to me. “Your turn.”

I stepped up and wrapped my leg around the pole. Sam was behind me, his hand was on the side of my butt. “K, momentum first, so unwrap the leg, do a quick run, then do it.” I nodded. I pushed forward, wrapped a leg around, and the room spun around me. I slowed down and Katy and Sam were clapping. Katy hollered out. “Badass, Tyler!”

I crawled up the pole and remembered Sam’s number he had done. I kept my chest to the pole, and brought my legs out from the pole and extended them out to both sides. I had been a high school state gymnast and flexibility was second nature. My legs came out wide. I brought my legs back together, turned myself upside down and executed a second spread eagle, kept that position for a couple of seconds and righted myself and twirled down the pole to the bottom and held out one hand to the ceiling, staring down at Sam and Katy. They gawked at me, their mouths open wide enough for a freight train to plow through, their eyes not blinking.

I smiled and wagged my index finger. “Might want to shut those. Could catch a fly or cock.” Sam’s snapped his mouth close and Katy brought a hand over hers, and back down, grinning.

Sam coughed in his hand and looked over at Katy. “I’ve been bested by someone who’s never sucked cock, this is fucking humiliating. He’s a fucking natural. And now I can barely walk.” He pointed down to the bulge in his front.

A fraternity brother ran past our room, shouting, “It’s time, it’s time. Five minutes.” Then he was gone.

Katy came up to me, stepped up on the platform, and took my hands, kissing me on the mouth. She placed her hands on my cheeks. “You’re going to be great.” Tears were streaming down her face and she wiped them with the back of her hand. Her lips quivered and she put a hand over her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, putting my arms around her waist.

She shook her head, saying, “N- nothing. You and Sam should stay at my place tonight. I’ll be staying over at a friends.” She pulled away and stepped down from the platform.

“Wait,” I said, holding her hand. “Was it your plan that I should pick Sam up the whole time?” She placed her hand on my stomach, kissed my mouth, nodded, and hurried out of the room. The shadows in the hallway folded over her and she was gone. I shook my head and looked over at Sam, unsure of what just happened.

Sam came up to me, placed a hand on my bicep, his fingers caressing me. “She likes you dude. But she knows you like guys, and she has to let you go.”

“What do you mea—.”

Sam leaned in, his lips brushed up against mine, his hand slid down my rib to my hip and his fingers glided over my butt. I startled in surprise, my eyes were open wide, and my hands were held out on either side of Sam. I surrendered and closed my eyes, my hands falling on his hips, and moved to the sides of his firm ass. He kissed me harder, his hard dick pushed against me. Sam brought a hand to my lower back, his fingertips nudging down to the top of my butt; his fingers weaved around the string, and they rubbed alongside my crack.

Girls’ shriek and guffaw of laughter came from down the hall. We both pulled apart, snapped our eyes to the doorway where the group would emerge. Someone popped their head around the door, saying, “They’re coming.”

We nodded and went to our poles, crawled up on them and began performing different poses. Group after group toured passed us, escorted by one of our volunteers, and each time girls threw their hands over their gaping mouths, hopping up and down, hysterically crying into their open palms. We took regular breaks, but despite that, after several minutes my body glistened with sweat, and droplets fell from my brow to the floor. I glanced over at Sam, his body sparkled from the glitter, and his damp body gleaned in the black light.

The night waned on and I lost count of the number of people that came through our room. My muscles hurt and my arms started to shake, and I was uncertain of how much longer I could pull this off. A brother whose name I forgot, but who had a mop of black hair, came into the room and said, “That’s it boys. There’s a party outside. Tyler, and uh, what’s your name?”


“Yeah, loads of chicks really want to meet you guys.” The young guy ran down the hall to tell the next crew they were done.

I turned to Sam and saw that he was wiping himself down with a towel. He came up to me and said, “Hmm, talking to a bunch of chicks right now is not exactly what I had in mind for tonight.”

A smirk formed on my face. “No? What then?”

He leaned forward, whispered, and his breath brushed over my ear. “Come, I’ll show you.”

We left together, going out the backdoor, not bothering to change, and I drove us to Katy’s. Sam rested his hand on my leg, his fingertips caressing my inner thigh, and we made small talk. My pounding heart distracting me. I used the spare key Katy had given me a couple of weeks ago. We stepped inside and I flicked on a light, and showed Sam to Katy’s room, saying, “You can put your stuff here.”

Sam dropped his stuff, wheeled me around and kissed me, running his hands down my back and caressing my ass. His tongue slipped in mouth and I embraced him fiercely, not wanting this moment to ever end. My tongue greeted his, and I clutched his ass, pressing into him. Sam groaned, his hand massaging my butt, his other hand come to the base of my neck, squeezing it lightly. His fingers were tender and stroke the lower portion of my buttocks. He goosed me, placing his hand deep in my crack, lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around him.

He put me on the bed. I lay back as he pulled off the G-string and then he said, his breath catching. “You ready to explore pioneer?”

I nodded and whispered, “I think I want to try to bottom? Is that ok?”



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