Your Jack-O-Lantern Personality?

Weird Looking_2nd

Pumpkins, or excuse me, Jack-O-Lanterns, are basically masks. Rather than wearing the mask though we set them on our porches and windows.

A carved Jack-O-Lantern may give us a snap shot of a facet of someone’s personality.

Seriously, for every bumpkin out there, there’s a carved Jack-O-Lantern that reflects that person’s personality perfectly.



Ahhh…breathe in the air and live in the moment.

Some of us are naturally relaxed.





spidermanSave the World

Yeah, you go get’em buddy.




Batman Sign_2ndMysterious and Needed

Oh yeah, show me the sign Batman.

Come save me would ya…my address is 2929 K…





Pumpkin with america_2ndProud

No need to raise your flag, just light your Patriotic Jack-O-Lantern.





ET Pumpkin_2ndHelper

If you ever need to phone home, you know who to ask.





Groot_2ndSolidly Simple

“I am Groot.”

Need I say more.




Monster Inc copyFun

One large eye may be the answer to 20/20 vision.

You’re probably the life of the party whether you have one large eye or not.

Keep having fun.



pumpkin-birthA Total Mess

Oh yikes, giving birth is a private affair, and I think that’s especially true for Jackie-o-Lanterns.

If you’re like Jackie here, then your life is probably a total wreck.



Nightmare 4 Xmas_2ndWanderer

Step up that hill, edge to that precipice, and dare to look out my friend…





Clown Pumpkin_2ndSociopath

You’re a sick bastard.





Scary PumpkingAnger is Cool

Prison or anger management class is in your future.

Let’s pray it’s the latter.



Darth Vader 3D_2ndDarkness is Fun

Who would disagree with Darth?

Come play on the dark side.

It actually sounds like fun.


Bryce B. Summers is a psychologist who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Houston. He’s presently employed at  the Dallas Veteran Affairs Medical Center. Bryce is the author of the Young Adult Dark Fantasy (Sci-Fi) series AMEN to ROT, a story that pits young people against a sinister force, but also takes a look at learning what your capable of accomplishing when facing impossible challenges. The novel Nyte God will conclude this series and will be available in 2015.

Be on the look out for a ROTVILLE, a Sci-Fi Thriller (Horror) that will be published by DAMNATION BOOKS and be available in 2015. A story about an experiment gone awry, they wanted to create the perfect soldier, but instead, a hero was born…

Also be on the look for FRESH MEAT, a Paranormal (Horror with Multicultural & Gay Themes) and is about a sociopathic’s inner journey from evil to salvation.

Bryce is also a blog writer for the Human Rights Campaign.

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