Before we start, the acronym ZEDS, if you didn’t know, is short for Zombies.

Right, so let me just come out and say it. We need to have aliens and Undead fight it out.

Alien vs. ZombieIt’s not that far fetch. Our comic books have been full of aliens fighting mutants and other aliens for years.

Technically, anyone coming from outer space is an alien. So yeah, that makes Superman, Thor, Green Lantern all aliens.

AVP(Zeds&Aliens)But let’s not stop there. The nasty Alien guys took on the Predators once upon a time.  Oh hell yeah. Now, we need to take one more step. Let’s go Undead versus Aliens.

You say, but the Undead are not the same as aliens. This was true. Undead was once a genre all by itself, but things are changing.

How?  One word. Mutants.

Zombies in modern films are never actually dead any more. They’re mutants. This word remind you of anything? Hmmm … X-something?

In today’s films we watch in horror as zombies sprint after Brad Pitt as he leaps up flights of stairs. and we barely breathe as he jumps in the helicopter that was waiting on the rooftop and quickly whisks him away. But it’s not over yet.

Those guys that had been on Pitt’s heals are not even out of breath, but vault off the roof grabbing onto the railing of the helicopter that is rising up in the air. Look, I don’t think those guys are Undead, I think they’ve mutated into something else.

Zombies in today’s world are entirely different beings. They are not the zombies of your parents, or for some of you, grandparents. These guys move swiftly and nimbly. They should be renamed Dead-Sprinters, Dead-Jumpers, or even Dead-Smart for all the cleverness some show.

In the end, if you are survivor who is overweight, have a twisted ankle, trying to wake up after your nap, have asthma, then mutant Zs are getting you dude. Your-Ass-Is-Dead.

So today, zombies are basically mutants. Which brings us to comic books.

CaptnAmerica(zeds&Aliens)It may be surprising, or not, but we have turned all of our favorite heroes to the Undead. Yes, you name it, they have been portrayed as a nasty zombie creature.

Spiderman, Captain America, Fantastic Four Mister Fantastic, the Hulk, Wolverine, and even the guy dressed in metal, Iron Man has been turned to Undead. The list goes on and on.

It’s hard to imagine our superheroes eating humans, but why not? There are probably some tasty human villains out there.

So, surly, in the end, we should be able to have Aliens and Zombies running around together.

Heck, if I was evil alien species, and I wanted to invade a planet, I might use my technology to instill pure fear in the species I was conquering.  I would learn that humans fear becoming Undead. Bahahaha… I would put the the fear of God in them to make my invasion easier, and turn them into the very thing they feared.

Or, we could have an alien species like Sigourney Weaver’s Aliens. The aliens would use humans to grow new Aliens.

Yeahhhh. That’s the ticket. The Aliens would infect the humans with a virus, mutate them, and they would look like they were Undead. But in reality, they’d be growing into a new alien.

Ooops. I’m plugging my book in here… my bad.

Hey, but if you like this idea, you might want to meet Amen, he’s an Alien, and he eats Undead. Just saying, cool concept.

AMEN TO ROT.3.Harvestees.Final

Blog by Bryce Bentley Summers

Bryce is the author of the Sci-Fi/ Dark Fantasy series AMEN to ROT. A four part series that goes beyond Undead, but takes us into a dark, sinister alien world that is using humans on Earth as raw resources to build a new army.

He’s also author of the novels, NYTE GOD based on the Amen to Rot series and a new adult Horror/ Thriller titled ROTVILLE. He’s currently seeking representation for these works.

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